Mozilla Firefox's latest version has a new look for the browser with bigger tabs. The company also announced Total Cookie Protection for all its users. The said feature will be important when a person opens the software in Private Browsing mode to prevent cross-tracking across the web.

Mozilla Firefox Total Cookie Protection and Bonus Features

Mozilla Firefox 89 Arrives with New Total Cookie Protection for Cross-Site Tracking; Updated Design Comes with Bigger Tabs
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Mozilla Firefox v.89 receives a new redesign.

According to Tech Story's article published on Tuesday, Jun.1, the latest Firefox update features an effective Total Cookie Protection feature that bars the browsers from encountering cross-site tracking for the users. Moreover, the said feature is automatically activated upon opening since it would start by default on the search engine's v.89.

With that, Mozilla wants every user to be safe and secure in doing public browsing. What the company wants is to keep the "cookies" separately in corresponding "jars" which would be responsible for the prevention of the profile building and cross-site tracking of the users during their web usage.

The feature is not new anymore to the popular browser. It was in February 2016 when Mozilla first released it through the older Firefox v.86. To date, it would automatically switch to manual mode and users are required to turn on the ETP Strict mode to enable it. You can find it in the browser's settings.

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Mozilla's Privacy and Security Senior Product Manager, Arthur Edelstein said that the newly-unveiled default feature is "sophistically" made to improve the privacy set-up in the browser. This would also stop some websites from accessing Firefox's cookies.

Besides Total Cookie Protection, Mozilla presents another set of data-protection tools to heighten internet security while browsing. The company added the Supercookie protection which barricades the supercookies responsible for the cross-site tracking, as well as for cache clearing, tracker blocking in times that the user's Private Browsing session ends.

The Smart block feature is also helpful for the fix of pages affected by the blocked tracking scripts. Mozilla ensures that its users should never suffer from difficulty when entering a site.

Additionally, SmartBlock, which is a smart tool to fix pages that broke when tracking scripts were blocked, has also been enabled, to ensure no hassle to users or sites.

Mozilla Launches Firefox Design

According to The Verge, Mozilla has released a new look for its browser earlier this week. The most obvious difference that users can spot is the fresh design for the tabs. Now, they come in bigger sizes compared to their former appearances.

The browsing company said its "detached design" would now allow people to be more fluid in maneuvering the tabs according to their preference," Mozilla wrote in its blog.

It added that the redesign would let the users pull out the tabs into a new window, and reorganize them to fit for their convenience. The browser boasts a cleaner and less cluttered visage for a newly improved appearance that does not make use of several spaces lined vertically.

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