Ubisoft is teasing and revealing a lot of things in their showcase at E3, along with a lot more which they say fans can't afford to miss. 

According to Eurogamer, Ubisoft plans to bring out the big guns at E3 2021 when they kick off the festivities with Ubisoft Forward, promising more details about "Far Cry 6", "Rainbow Six Quarantine", another new title called "Riders Republic." The show is slated to begin at 12:00 P.M. PT / 7:00 P.M. GMT and will be broadcast live on both Twitch and YouTube. 

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It looks like "Rainbow Six Quarantine" will be among the biggest reveals for Ubisoft during the showcase, which was also previously known as "Rainbow Six Parasite." It's worth noting that over an hour's worth of gameplay for the new "Rainbow Six" game was leaked recently, with Ubisoft confirming that it is, indeed, a real preview of the game from a technical playtest. 

Said gameplay was broadcast on Facebook by VideoGamesChronicle, and features a very familiar post-apocalyptic setup, where a virus threatens the world. According to the playtest footage, the upcoming "Rainbow Six" game is going to be a squad-based survival FPS, which gives off some serious Left 4 Dead vibes. 

Insiders say that Ubisoft will be showcasing a so-called world premiere of the aforementioned game at E3 this year, which will serve as the title's official announcement. There will be a pre-show and a post-show as well, so start streaming early if you don't want to miss out on everything. 

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Ubisoft Forward at E3: What Else to Expect? 

"Riders Republic" looks to be a brand-new IP, and based on its first cinematic trailer, it looks like it's going to be an open-world, massively multiplayer game featuring extreme sports, likely in the vein of the "The Crew" series. 

The trailer features a handful of these extreme sports: wingsuit gliding/flying (which has been featured in some "Far Cry" games in the past), motocross, snowboarding, skiing, and downhill mountain biking, among others. It's shaping up to be a fast-paced game, though it's still not sure whether the gameplay will feature co-op, PvP, or both. 

There will be updates about live service games like "For Honor," "Brawlhalla," "Rainbow Six: Siege," and current games, including "Assassin's Creed Valhalla," which is still waiting on some more upcoming DLC. 

Lastly, Ubi also teases some "surprise" reveals for fans. There aren't many details about these yet, but the studio has done it in the past and never failed to garner attention, both good and bad. So, this remains to be seen. 

More 'Far Cry 6' Details

Ubisoft's reveal of "Far Cry 6" ahead of E3 2021 already showed a lot of exciting details about the upcoming game. For example, it was already confirmed that the game will feature a male/female protagonist, a 2-legged puppy named Chorizo, an assortment of homemade weapons (including a so-called "Macarena gun,") and a better look at the game's main baddie, played by "Breaking Bad" star Giancarlo Esposito. 

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At E3, the studio will likely show off even more gameplay footage, which may include a little bit more of the game's map (said to be the largest of the series so far).  

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