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Apple Inc. is an exclusive tech giant with multiple gadgets up its sleeves. Although mainly known for their iPhones, the Cupertino-based company also has a TV franchise. On March 21, 2007, Apple Inc. released their very first Apple TV. From the very first model up to the latest ones, Apple has continuously produced high-quality and reliable devices.

The Problem with Apple TV 4K

However, a recent Apple TV issue surfaced in the latter portion of May 2021.

A significant number of Apple TV 4K owners could not enjoy the 4K features of their brand new devices while streaming on third-party applications. Instead, they were only viewing in HD mode, and Apple has not clarified why this occurred.

Numerous threads on Reddit and Apple Support forums contain complaints from Apple TV 4K users. Instead of viewing in 4K resolution, they only see an HD label on their screens. However, other users seem to be unaffected by the incident.

According to Apple Insider, the common streaming platforms where users experienced an HD resolution instead of 4K are Netflix and HBO Max. It is still unclear whether Disney+ users also experienced this because the said streaming app is known for not being transparent about its resolutions.

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The official number of Apple TV users affected by the said issue is still unclear. Apple has not confirmed whether the case focuses on incorrect labeling, or if the resolution is the culprit.

If the resolution was reduced, Apple Insider added in a separate report that the new Apple TV must not have identified itself and its capacities when streaming on third-party applications. However, Apple TV 4K seems to identify itself correctly whenever inside the Apple TV app.

The Solution: tvOS 14.7 

Seeing that the problem was not universally available, users thought that Apple would not do much about it. Apple never commented about it publicly, but they are now suddenly releasing a new update: the tvOS 14.7.

Reports from Apple Insider stated that a source tipped them off about the update's purpose: to resolve the problem.

Based on Apple's Notes on tvOS 14.7 beta 2, there is not much that users can expect. The only precise information within their document is that there "are no new release notes." 

However, this is a pretty standard technique for Apple, even when its updates include notable features.

Apple did not clarify when the brand new update, tvOS 14.7, will complete the public's beta cycle stage and launch. But Apple Insider believes that the new Apple TV 4K update will launch sometime July 2021.

On the other hand, HBO Max recently revamped its Apple TV application. Reports believe that this update caused significant damage to Siri and the Siri Remote, to the point where the two features got broken in the process.

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