Apple 'Find My Network' Crowdsource Could Help Owners Find Their Lost AirPods Pro or AirPods Max
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Apple 'Find My Network' Crowdsource Could Help Owners Find Their Lost AirPods Pro or AirPods Max

Apple "Find My Network" crowdsource could help owners of lost AirPods Pro or AirPods Max find their devices. With the new iOS 15, both the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max will be able to tap into the Apple Find My network and help users locate their lost devices.

Apple 'Find My' Network

According to the post by MacRumors, this solution has been made to solve a problem most Apple users are facing, and that is losing Apple devices aside from their typical iPhone. The "Find My Network" was often used to help Apple users find their iPhones, but now, it might help gamers find other Apple devices.

With the new iOS 15 update, the AirPods Pro and the AirPods MAx can help Apple users tap into the Find My network in order to relay their approximate location despite being out of Bluetooth range from the device owner. AirPods Pro and AirPods Max might still need to be within reachable range to a certain device that has the Find My network, like the iPhone.

Apple iOS Update

It is important to use the Find My network to help get an estimated location of the users missing AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. This will then help the user within Bluetooth range to play a sound to locate them.

Beats headphones, which Apple currently owns, has added the Find My network support this 2021. Find My has also gained a few other features in iOS 15, including brand new separation alerts that would notify some users if a certain Find My compatible device is somewhere left behind.

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Apple 'Find My' Device Third-Party

A brand new Find My widget for the device's Home Screen, as well as the ability for a certain Find My to locate a certain iPhone despite it being low on battery or even turned off completely. This new feature has proven useful to those that have continuously lost their Apple devices.

According to the official Apple post online, the Find My network would extend these particular capabilities by helping users locate missing devices despite not connecting to the internet. The Find My network is a particular type of crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of different Apple devices that all use wireless Bluetooth technology to help detect missing devices or other items somewhere nearby.

Once the missing device is found, there will be an approximate location given back to the owner. The whole process is also end-to-end encrypted, still making the user anonymous. This means that nobody else, even Apple or some other third-party manufacturer, can finally view a device's location or other information that can help the owner find the device. Of course, the device owner would still have to look for it due to only an estimation being given.

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