Apple iPhone Warns Users How Much Data Google Maps is Actually Collecting
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple iPhone Warns Users How Much Data Google Maps is Actually Collecting

Apple iPhone gave users warnings regarding how much data Google is actually collecting. Would users still be using the popular location collecting and location sharing app if they knew about it?

Google Maps Data Gathering

Cybersecurity expert Zak Doffman stated in a new report that Google Maps users might want to ditch the popular app from their own iPhones without much delay.

This came from an article on Forbes noting exactly what data Google Maps is collecting from millions of users. Apple has just announced new rules letting iPhone users see what information is being gathered by apps like Google Maps.

An article by noted that the amount of data being gathered by Google Maps once installed "makes for some terrifying reading." It was noted that every app listed on the App Store would still need to disclose just how much data they are gathering, what data is being used for advertising, and even what is being shared with certain developers, and more.

Google Maps User Data Collection

Doffman reportedly explained that Google Maps has the actual ability to keep track of its users' data, including contacts, location, data usage, and even users' browsing history.

This might not really be a huge surprise but what is truly alarming is that Google Maps noted that this data can directly link back to the users' personal identity. This would mean that the app has the functionality to be able to build a pretty thorough profile on its users.

Google sent a statement to Forbes saying that Google Maps is now designed to help protect users' information. The search engine giant is providing ways for users to easily manage their settings, and even using certain industry-leading technologies just like differential privacy in order to keep users' data safe.

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Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

The company further noted that they are making sure Google Maps is the best as well as most accurate way for users to be able to navigate and be able to explore the world. This would provide rich local business information, help class search and navigation, and even help features just like the whole COVID layer as well as live busyness information.

Up until recently, there wasn't really any strong competitor to Google Maps but with Apple announcing a bigger blockbuster upgrade to its own Maps app, it could be a good time for them to make the whole switch.

Unlike Google, however, Apple still does not link data like its search history, location, or its usage back to users.

The next upcoming update to Apple Maps is expected to arrive in autumn as part of the upcoming iOS 15 along with the whole service being able to get a huge lick of paint. Location assistant apps have been extremely useful and have grown in popularity over the last few months.

With Google Maps in question, looking for an alternative could be the next step of concerned users.

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