"Overwatch 2" is still coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it might suffer from a few downgrades if reports are accurate. 

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According to GamesRadar, the development team behind "Overwatch 2" might have to make compromises to make it run properly on Nintendo's extremely popular handheld. The information came from an answer to a Reddit AMA on the official "Overwatch" subreddit. 

John LaFleur of the "Overwatch 2" team said that while they include a fair number of high-end features into the game, they want to make sure that all platforms get the best experience possible. Though upon mentioning the Nintendo Switch, it looks like the team will have to scale back some of these features to make the gameplay a lot smoother. Given how "Overwatch" is a competitive shooter, they have to. 

This basically means that if you're looking to play "Overwatch 2" on the Nintendo Switch, do not expect excellent-looking graphics and a sky-high frame rate for the game. 

LaFleur also added that the team is focusing right now on gameplay-related features and making sure they're added first, as reported by Eurogamer. Then, they will be shifting their attention to the potential visual downgrades to enhance the game's frame rate on the Switch. LaFleur didn't explain what these compromises are, though. 

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'Overwatch 2' On The Switch: Will It Be A Bad Port? 

The Nintendo Switch has seen several big-name games ported into it in the past. Looking at how those games fared might offer insight into how "Overwatch 2" will perform on the console. 

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Perhaps the biggest port on the Switch was that of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," which was one of the most graphically intense games of the last generation. Back in 2015, the game pushed a lot of gaming computers (and even the PS4 and Xbox One) to their limits because of the immense level of detail it has. But then, of course, it was successfully ported to the handheld with almost no issues. 

Another visually intensive game confirmed to come to the Switch is "Kingdom Come: Deliverance," which is actually even more demanding than "The Witcher 3." Like CDPR's masterpiece, "Kingdom Come" brought a lot of PCs and consoles to their knees. It was so demanding on the hardware that the Switch Port is basically being considered "impossible." 

If these games can run on the Nintendo Switch, then Activision Blizzard can surely port "Overwatch 2" on it. But the thing is, it's not as simple as making the game barely playable on the platform. For a fast-paced, highly competitive shooter, "Overwatch 2" must run at the highest frame rates possible so players can react to their enemies quickly. 

That is the main challenge that Activision Blizzard has. The Switch currently features a 60Hz refresh rate, so their main target is to get "Overwatch 2" running at 60 FPS all the time. And judging from how the game looks in its latest trailers, it won't be featuring any major visual upgrades that could make the port a lot more difficult than it should be. 

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