Xbox Cloud Gaming has launched its services for the iPhone and iPad devices and has brought over 100 games for the iOS via the phone browser of Safari. This is a massive development for Microsoft, especially as it empowers modern mobile phone gaming that does not need massive system requirements for a device to play a popular widescreen title.

Microsoft has empowered its gamers in the past months by strengthening its cloud gaming platform for the different gaming consoles to play in, with the Xbox consoles and the PC. However, now, it allows a wider reach by giving it to anyone with a browser, even on mobile.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Platform on iPhones, iPad

Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad
(Photo : Xbox)
Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad is now available.

Microsoft has only launched earlier today and has now matched up against Google's Stadia that had its services for mobile for almost two years now, since November 2019. On this development, Microsoft announced its venture via the Xbox blog, saying that mobile gaming is only on "Beta" testing mode but can already be accessed.

However, this news is only something to rejoice over if one is an iOS or iPhone and iPad user (sorry Android), and there are no shreds of evidence as to its arrival for Google's mobile OS. This was strategically done because Androids already have the Stadia at their disposal, Microsoft and Google's services being rivals.

The expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming's services benefits the Xbox console, Microsoft PC, and Apple device users on this recent development made by the cloud company.

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How to Access Xbox Cloud Gaming: Requirements and MORE

Xbox Cloud Gaming
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Accessing Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS is fairly easy and direct to the point, and one would only need a device to do this. Xbox Cloud Gaming is accessible via Safari by inputting ""

However, other requirements ask for the device to be iOS 14.4 or the latest, and at least 10 Mbps of internet connection for a seamless gaming experience. It is also required to have either a Bluetooth or USB-connected controller to one's device to further on gaming.

Next is that users would need to have an Xbox account which they would need to register to the subscription service. Currently, the price of cloud gaming is $14.99 per month, but a promotion of the subscription for new users offers it at $1 for the first three months.

The service can also be accessed on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on iOS devices and is not limited to Safari, as long as they run on Apple's devices.

Games from Xbox on iOS via Safari

Several games that are popular on the Xbox are available on the Cloud Gaming platform, including the popular "Halo" series, "Outriders," "Doom," "MLB: The Show 21," "Minecraft" titles, and more.

What is great about this development is that the usual console and PC games have become available for gamers, and some of them are popular Xbox exclusives.

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