Samsung Exynos 1200 S5E8825 Could be the Company's New Powerful Midrange Chip | Find Out More
(Photo : Screenshot From Samsung Official Website) Samsung Exynos 1200 S5E8825 Could be the Company's New Powerful Midrange Chip | Find Out More

Samsung Exynos 1200 S5E8825 could be the company's brand new powerful midrange chip! The company now looks like it is testing the midrange Exynos chip.

Samsung Exynos Chips

A Dutch website Galaxy Club has just reported the existence of a brand new chip with the model number S5E8825. The previous Exynos 2100 that is known to fuel the Samsung Galaxy S21 is known by its official model number S5E9840 and even its successor, the more colloquially referred to as the Samsung Exynos 2200, goes by the model number S5E9925.

Previously, a leaker called Ice Universe noted that Samsung is going to release three different chips this year. The chips expected to be released were the flagship Exynos 22xx SoC, a new Samsung mid-tier 12xx processor, and even another entry-level 8xx silicone.


Judging by the chip's model name, it currently seems like the newly discovered S5E8825 is considered some sort of midrange chip that Samsung might call the Exynos 1200. It also currently looks like it will slot somewhere below the Exynos 2100.

During the past, it was still quite relatively easy to differentiate between both the mid-range chips and the premium chips. The previous Exynos 990, which is known to power the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, also comes with a model number S5E9830. 

Samsung Mongoose Cores

The Exynos 9820 that is known to underpin the Samsung Galaxy S10 series also uses the model number S5E9820. Another mid-tier phone, the Samsung Galaxy A50 Exynos 9610 is running with its model number, the S5E9610.

According to PhoneArena, starting last year, Samsung actually stopped using its very own proprietary Mongoose cores and decided to adopt ARM's design instead. This could actually be why it has quite a slightly changed the model name nomenclature too and the model now seems more aligned.

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Will Samsung be Using the Exynos 1200?

The Samsung Exynos 1200 is expected to presumably succeed the previous Exynos 1080 which is a 5nm mid-tier chip that was previously announced some time late last year. It also seems to be in the advanced stages of development as it is still allegedly undergoing more extensive testing.

The chip also has its very own built-in 5G modem and according to yet another report, it could actually come out with an AMD GPU! If a more recent report still does not come from a more reliable source to go by, the brand new processor could be using ARM's Cortex 11 as the device's main core.

As good as the chip does actually sound, Samsung might not even use the Exynos 1200 for the company's phones and might even sell it to some other Chinese smartphone makers like what happened to the previous Exynos 1080. Of course, this is still unknown and fans will have to wait until the official announcement to know where the Exynos 1200 will really end up in.

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