Rare 1987 'The Legend of Zelda' is Selling for $110,000 and Rising!
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A 1987 copy of "The Legend of Zelda" is being sold in an auction for $110,000, and has five more days left to go before bidding ends!

Why is it So Rare?

A sealed variant of the Nintendo's 1987 classic "The Legend of Zelda" is considered rare as they were only produced in the later portion of 1987. The variant is dubbed as an "NES R" as the ones next to it were called the Rev-A, which started production in early 1988.

According to a report by Eurogamer, this prized cartridge is the only realistic sealed copy that people can hope to purchase, which sits at a wata rating of 9.

People have called it "a true grail among games."

The auctioneer responsible for selling the prized possession is Heritage Auction, and has said that amongst all the games offered previously, the sealed, early production copy of the first game in the now popular "Legend of Zelda" franchise is the "apotheosis of rarity"

There is cultural significance to the cartilage and is no doubt a centerpiece of its own.

They ended the statement by saying, "A proverbial trifecta of collector perfection that only one will receive the honor of calling their own."

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None Could Compare, Or At Least Just One

The item description, in a sense, says that none of the other copies that were previously offered could compare as it is an incredibly rare item to behold. The 1987 "The Legend of Zelda" is the earliest of its production that was ever sold within the auction and quite possibly the years to come.

There is, however, one that is even rarer but probably not going to be seen nor sold anytime soon.

The said item is the "NES TM," and is said to be only one sealed game in all of existence.

So for now, we can assume that the one sold in the auction is truly going to be one of a rare collection that only a select few in the entire world can have the chance of owning one amongst its legion of fans.

The Legend of 'The Legend of Zelda'

The franchise that spawned since the very first game, "The Legend of Zelda," has been popular ever since it first released in 1986. The game's creators were Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka who made the game for Nintendo.

The franchise incorporates a rich storyline, RPG components, challenging puzzles, and endless hours of fun.

The series protagonist is not Zelda, as non-fans might think, but actually follows the story of Link. He is a Hylian man who resembles an elf, and Zelda is actually the princess he needs to save. Zelda is a magical princess and a reincarnation of the goddess Hylia.

The "Legend of Zelda" franchise has found love from generations of gamers and even grownups and kids alike are still familiar with the iconic characters as more and more games are coming out in its franchise.

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