Jeff Bezos's retirement has been announced earlier this year, so his vacancy for the CEO role did not surprise people, but he sure went a long way for finally letting go of his direction and leadership of Amazon. Bezos has retired in the day Amazon was established, but that does not mean his career is over, particularly with Blue Origins and having an executive chair position in Amazon.

Initially, Jeff Bezos was to retire at the third quarter of the year, and he fulfilled this statement despite being the early days of the Q3 2021, leaving the company at the hands of his successor, Andy Jassy. 

Jeff Bezos is a Retired Rich Billionaire

Jeff Bezos
(Photo : David Ryder/Getty Images) founder and CEO Jeff Bezos presents the company's first smartphone, the Fire Phone, on June 18, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. The much-anticipated device is available for pre-order today and is available exclusively with AT&T service.

Retiring can sometimes lead people to depression, especially because of their worries as to where they would have sources of income to support their lifestyle when the pension is not enough for it. However, it would not be a problem for Jeff Bezos in the current time, as the former CEO has a massive net worth in the present, and during his retirement. 

Bezos has $197 billion on his name, and he could do whatever he wants with it, as it is his hard-earned money, for his stint as the founder and CEO of Amazon, along with subsidiary companies. In addition to this, Bezos has retired at the age of 57, which is earlier than the average age of retiring which is at 65 years old in the country. 

For some, this might be the end of the line for them, waiting to live out their remaining years, but for Bezos, it seems like another chapter in his life waiting to be unlocked. 

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Jeff Bezos Retirement: Blue Origin

Blue Origin New Shepard
(Photo : Blue Origin)

One of the very first projects that Bezos would face in his post-Amazon days is the upcoming launch to orbit with Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft. Here, the 57-year-old retiree is joining a crew of five other companions to go up the atmosphere and back down to the surface with a water landing. Despite the risks that Bezos would face, he is looking forward to this, as this is a dream come true.

Moreover, he remains as owner of Blue Origins, but not necessarily its CEO (Bob Smith), meaning that he would have massive stakes over it, but not the responsibility it entails. 

Executive Chair at Amazon

Bezos has announced this transition earlier this year, for his letter to shareholders, and a separate letter to employees which he wrote on Amazon's blog. Here, he detailed his 27 years of working at Amazon, from the time he initially started it in 1994. 

The former CEO said that he would focus on making Amazon a better workplace as he departs and gives Andy Jassy the torch to lead and further the company into greater heights as its new chief. Bezos would not entirely leave, as he would assume an Executive Chair position, where he would still be a part of its management and administration. 

Nevertheless, this is still a farewell to Jeff Bezos as its chief, as he begins to transition to the latter part of his life. 

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