Parler Makes Comeback on App Store | Apple No Comment?
(Photo : Screenshot From Parler Website) Parler Makes Comeback on App Store | Apple No Comment?

Parler is back on the Apple App Store! The conservative social media service known as Parler is once again back on the official Apple iOS App Store after it had been taken down following the previous Jan 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol.

Parler is Back on the App Store

According to CNet, the more updated version of the app would include some enhanced threat and incitement reporting tools. This was seen on the listing on the Apple App Store. 

The new updated iOS app is stated to also reportedly filter out certain posts, according to The Washington Post, on iPads and iPhones that could be labeled as "hate" according to Parler's moderation system. These ports, however, will still be available to view on some other devices and directly through the web.

Parler Back on the App Store

Parler did not directly respond to CNET's request for a comment but gave a statement to The Washington Post noting that the company is seeking to find a common ground with them and Apple. The chief policy officer at Parler, Amy Peikoff noted that at Parler, they embrace the whole First Amendment which means freedom of expression as well as conscience being protected.

Parler has long been removed from the Apple App Store due to its allegedly controversial nature. However, the website for the social network officially returned back in February. As of July 5, 2021, the app was then made available yet again on Apple's very own virtual storefront.

What is Parler?

According to the app's description on the official App Store, Parler is a particular viewpoint-neutral social media that is dedicated to the freedom of expression, user privacy, and even civil discourse. The description then prompts users to enjoy news as well other content in real time.

Users will be able to enjoy what Parler noted as a "unadulterated," and chronological feed. Parler's description also states that users can then apply modern tools in order to filter content according to their very own preferences.

The tagline Parler uses is for people to "empower" themselves and control their very own online social media experience by joining and using Parler.

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Apple's Previous Plans to Bring Back Parler

As of the moment, Apple has not yet given any comment regarding Parler's recent addition to the official iOS App Store. According to an article by CNBC back in April, 2021, Apple was already expected to allow the controversial social media app Parler back on the official iPhone App Store.

Apple's senior director for government affairs, Timothy Powderly, wrote in a recent letter that Apple now anticipates that the updated Parler app will finally become available upon Parler actually releasing it. Mark Meckler, Parler interim CEO noted that they have worked in order to put certain systems in place.

The new systems are expected to help users better detect certain unlawful speech and also allow users to be able to filter out content that they deem undesirable. It was also noted that this can be done while still maintaining their strict prohibition directly against content moderation based on their viewpoint.

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