Virtual TED Talk Strikes Deal with Clubhouse to Host Exclusive Drop-in Audio Chats
(Photo : Screenshot From Virtual TED Talk Strikes Deal with Clubhouse to Host Exclusive Drop-in Audio Chats

Virtual TED Talk now strikes a deal with Clubhouse to host exclusive drop-in audio chats. With physical events still looking a long shot away, hosting TED talks on Clubhouse could be an exciting way to get more users into the now extremely popular app.

TED Exclusive on Clubhouse

According to the story by Engadget, it could be quite a while before anyone sees yet another in-person TED talks resume. However, those fans of the educational power event could be getting an easy alternative that just takes the use of an app to participate.

An article by The Verge notes that TED has officially made a deal for it to be offering exclusive drop-in audio chats on the popular Clubhouse app. The first of all talks, the weekly series Thank Your Ass Off, will be debuting on the platform coming this July 12, 2021 at 11AM EST.

Clubhouse Won't be Taking Shares

The arrangement includes the clauses that lets TED sell sponsorships and ads for its particular conversation. Clubhouse won't be taking any form of share from the conversations meaning all the profits would be going straight to TED and not to Clubhouse.

As of the moment, however, it is still a bit unclear if the upcoming chats will also be made available as podcasts or maybe other on-demand recordings. It also won't be that surprising for fans if there could be a way to listen later on as well. Clubhouse isn't just known for its features but also its high profile users as well.

TED Clubhouse Competition

TED, as of the moment, already has quite a thriving podcast business. The podcast business already gets over 1.65 million episode downloads in a single day! For educational podcasts, this is quite impressive!

This is a new logical agreement coming from Clubhouse where there could be some of the more philosophical conversations that have already been likened to the popular TED talks. It is also considered maybe a shrewd move to keep Clubhouse still relevant in the face of much stiffer competition.

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Popularity of Clubhouse

The recent Clubhouse NFL deal just lost some of its thunder in the light of the league's official Twitter Spaces chat. The TED pact also reclaims some of that ground. This would happen even if the audience still does not entirely dovetail with that for American football.

The battle of the social media platforms has been getting tougher and tougher and although Clubhouse is new, it was actually able to stand against the giants with popular figures like Tesla's Elon Musk jumping on the app for some hot discussions. The app also took a fresh new approach and is centered on voice chats instead of the typical chats.

Although the Clubhouse approach isn't technically new, voice chats are usually underappreciated and with a refreshing new approach, users can enjoy a feature that might have been overlooked in the past. With the addition of TED talks on Clubhouse, the app is now expected to gain more users.

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