New Apple Macs Could Come with a 1080p Camera Says Leaker
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) New Apple Macs Could Come with a 1080p Camera Says Leaker

New Apple Macs could actually come with a 1080p camera according to a prominent user. After years and years of customers complaining about camera quality, it could be that Apple has finally heard their cries and listened to what they were saying.

Apple Macs to Feature 1080p Cameras

According to 9to5mac, from now on, all of the new Apple Macs will be featuring a pretty handy 1080p FaceTime camera. This means that the redesigned 14-inch and the 16-inch Apple MacBooks along with all of the other Macs that are launched by the company could contain a much better camera.

DylanDKT, a leaker, posted on his personal Twitter that the upcoming "MacBook Pro" will be finally getting a more updated and improved 1080p webcam for the brand new model and so will the whole Mac lineup. In his tweet, he also referenced a popular tech YouTuber Linus, who has just recently posted a new video regarding the problem with the webcams used on laptops.

Smartphone Selfie Camera Tech VS Laptop Tech

As the whole smartphone front-facing camera tech has been improving over the course of the last few years, the same is almost the opposite when it comes to laptops. For Apple users, who have long been experiencing problems with the pretty old butterfly keyboard mechanism, problems with overheating for the Intel chips, and even the lack of additional ports, it is finally good news that users will be getting the first M1 MacBooks with 720p cameras at least.

As of the moment, only the newer 2020 27-inch Intel iMac as well as the 24-inch M1 iMac will be equipped with a 1080p camera. If the leaker is correct, the upcoming Apple MacBook Pros, both in the 14-inch and 16-inch laptops could feature a 1080p camera as well as the redesigned Apple MacBook Air as well. The previous argument with Intel is that they aren't for gaming.

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Apple MacBook Pro Leaker

Just a few weeks ago, DylanDKT stated that Apple will be launching new versions of the Apple MacBook Pro this coming Q4 of 2021 along with another updated Mac mini, according to another leak by DylanDKT in an article by 9to5mac. Just recently, another reliable Apple analyst known as Ming-Chi Kuo had also corroborated these different rumors as these new Apple MacBook Pros are all expected to enter the mass production stage this coming Q3 of 2021.

When it comes to the redesigned Apple MacBook Air, Dylan stated that the computer will most likely be the very first unit with an upcoming Apple M2 chip. He also heard that the upcoming new MacBook Air will be coming out in a number of different colors just like the brand new iMac. 

However, it is still quite unknown as to when exactly the new Apple MacBook Air will finally be introduced. With the new MacBooks potentially in 1080p, users will be able to enjoy better webcam video recording and calls technology. The Apple M1 MacBook was also expected to come out with a new design.

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