Netflix Gaming is focusing on the mobile platform, and that brings a massive new direction for the company's latest venture. The Netflix Gaming for Mobile would also be under a subscription service, something that resembles the move made by Xbox Cloud Gaming to bring Xbox games for the mobile platform.

Xbox Cloud Gaming was launched in late June, and it aims to evolve mobile gaming into a more versatile platform, apart from the available games it has now. This might be Netflix's inspiration in bringing a gaming platform for itself, aside from its reasons that fall on strengthening its services from competitors. 

Netflix Gaming is Focusing on Mobile

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Netflix Gaming is focusing on the mobile platform, and this was confirmed via a letter to investors that shows the company's future ventures. The letter talks about Q2's growth and business milestones, with Netflix standing strong and still a top choice for media streaming. 

Last week sparked the initial rumors of Netflix's venture into gaming, and it was not jarred with details, and people were left to think if what platform would be the target of the company. 

However, it was revealed that the reason behind this was that games divide the attention of consumers from streaming from their platform. 

That being said, whichever platform Netflix would venture into, its only need is to incorporate games with its brand or services. This would potentially help the company get its lost viewers, but nothing is guaranteed for now. 

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Netflix Mobile Gaming to be a Subscription Service

According to The Verge, Netflix's mobile gaming venture would be a subscription service, and it would focus on distributing it to its loyal subscribers and customers. Surely there would be free trials when the service launches, but it may not last long like what they did for the streaming service.

Netflix Mobile Gaming
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Additionally, it was not clear whether where would Netflix launch its gaming subscription service, as there are many possibilities to that. It may take the same path at Xbox's and would only be a browser-accessible website, or they could have an intended app for that. 

Nonetheless, users would need to subscribe to the service to play, and not pay for every game it has. 

Netflix Original Games or Licenses?

On the other hand, Netflix is known to create a lot of original content like "Netflix Originals" for films and series, and it may be the focus of its gaming service. However, as nothing is confirmed yet, they might not push through with that and opt for the easier way of obtaining licenses from other companies to distribute their games.

In addition to that, the case is somewhat of an open book, as expanding to console might soon be something that could happen, as Netflix is a massive company.

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