Amazon's newest MMO game titled "New World" is making headlines, but not in the most positive way.

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According to Kotaku, the game has been weirdly killing off some high-end graphics cards as soon as it entered its public beta. Apparently, the victims of choice are NVIDIA's RTX 3090s, specifically those from the brand EVGA. Considering that these cards currently cost upwards of $1,900, this is a very serious issue.

Various reports of NVIDIA RTX 3090s going dead are all over sites like Reddit, Steam, and the EVGA forums. One user on the "New World" forum, who goes by the handle Goatz, even says that two EVGA 3090s died on them--once during the game's Alpha test and another (a replacement directly from EVGA) during the current closed beta.

Another user aired their grievance on Twitter when once again, the Amazon MMO game killed off their EVGA RTX 3090 FTW Ultra:

This specific model is one of the most expensive out there, with both new and used cards selling for over $2600 on Amazon.

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Amazon MMO 'New World' Issues: What's Causing It?

In a report by VG247, it is said that many RTX 3090 owners report a lot of hardware issues on their GPUs while playing the "New World" beta. They mention things like overheating, which causes the cards to shut down.

Some theories have popped up in an attempt to explain what's going on. According to some, it might be the game's unlocked frame rate during the menus that could be causing the GPUs to draw too much power than they're supposed to. NVIDIA rated the 3090 with a TDP of 350 watts, which could mean that the Amazon-sponsored game could be drawing way more than that if the cards are forcibly shutting themselves down.

For the uninitiated, a modern graphics card like the 3090 has a lot of fail-safes built into it. These would protect the card if issues like overcurrent occur. When it's drawing too much power, it creates heat. And too much heat can damage the GPU die, which is what causes the graphics card to shut itself off as a means of self-preservation.

Is It Affecting All 3090s?

So far, it looks like the issue doesn't affect all brands of RTX 3090s and is limited only to the EVGA FTW3 model. This means that if you have a different RTX 3090 model (or another high-end card like the 3080 or 3080 Ti), you're safe--at least for now. It's also not known to affect high-end GPUs from AMD or even LHR GPUs from NVIDIA.

Rtx 3090
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If you have the specific model mentioned above, then it's best to steer clear from the historical fantasy MMO from Amazon until the problem has been identified. Or, if you really want to play it, make sure to update to the latest NVIDIA graphics driver or undervolt/underclock your card for a while until the issue has been fully resolved.

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