In a rare sighting, the policemen from the Westport department were using Tesla Model 3 as an official car during their duty. While we know that many people are interested in the said EV due to its Autopilot feature, some drivers might get hooked on this car since they could save a lot of money.

Westport Police Tested Tesla Model 3 as Squad Car

According to Interesting Engineering on Thursday, July 29, the Connecticut-based policemen bought the Model 3 to see if it could be used as a squad car. The department has used it for a year. They found out that it was actually a money-saving vehicle.

For that reason, the Westport department said that it would purchase more Tesla Model 3 cars. What struck their attention is how the vehicle goes with its advanced technology, specifically the collision avoidance feature which prevents the user from a high possibility of crashing.

The Westport policemen were not satisfied with what they heard from the company. That's why to make sure that they were real, they conducted a pilot test for the car. The Tesla Model 3 car underwent a series of tests.

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Westport Department Incorporates Electronics to Tesla's Battery

The policemen were sure that to give more way to the features of the car, they integrated their electronics into it upon buying it in December 2019. The Westport department has run a recoding so that the car would meet the demand of the team. They started using it in the following year.

In another report by EV Club last month, the analysis yielded that the Tesla vehicle has helped the policemen to save thousands of dollars. So far, Tesla is not offering customization services, but the operational costs alone can cost more money than anyone could imagine. The decision came in when the police department acquired the EV for $15,300.

The typical gas-powered vehicle might require high maintenance costs in the long run, but what the Westport policemen discovered is a cost-efficient outcome when using Model 3.

Tesla might be costly during the initial purchase. However, what made up for its price is its low maintenance and fuel cost. The Westport department said that they no longer feel the hassle in changing oils, repairing the spark plugs, and the other parts of the car.

During winter, the Connecticut policemen said that they have not experienced any issue when they used it between shifts. According to EV Club, the electric vehicle could also help reduce the carbon emissions in the air by 23.5 tons. The analysis also exposed that it could save a lot of money, as much as $8,763 that could be used for environmental purposes.

In the next few years, the Tesla Model 3 will remain as a car of the department. When the fourth year of usage hits, the money could be used to buy another EV.

Is Tesla Model 3 Durable?

Recently, a viral video of a man in China has caught the attention of many people on social media. The short clip which showed a Tesla Model 3 car dashing through the deep floodwaters has worried the citizens. In the end, it turns out that the EV was fine after sprinting like a boat to the water.

In Europe back in June, the UK policemen discovered the same thing with the Model 3 car. According to the policemen, the vehicle has saved more money. They also tested if it would be good to be an emergency vehicle. 

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