Sony has confirmed that it would delay the release of the PlayStation game, "Horizon Forbidden West" this year. The scheduled launch date of it would be moved to the first quarter of 2022.

Sony's 'Horizon Forbidden West' Delayed

Previously, Jeff Grub of GamesBeat said that Sony has been planning to postpone the adventure game title in 2021. The game journalist added that he has heard from a source that further information about "Horizon Forbidden West" will be announced in a September live stream.

Before the delay happened, we knew that Sony cautioned the potential delay of the game since it said that it would prioritize the health of the developers. This would also mean that the company will not compromise how the game will be made before its launch.

Before July ends, Sony stated in its latest statement that its decision to slow down the game's release was already final, Bloomberg wrote in its report on Saturday, July 31.

Jeff Grubb's Guess is True For 'Forbidden West'

"I've heard, not certain, but I've heard that something's coming in September and... I'm trying to debate if I want to be the one to say this... I think 'that game' is going to get delayed to 2022," Grubb said in a report by Video Games Chronicle on Friday, July 30. 

Since the delay of "Horizon" has been concluded, Grubb assumed that it would have the September State of Play to compensate for the setbacks from "Forbidden West."

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'God of War' and Other Games Are Delayed As Well

In Sony's June blog featuring the Q&A segment with PlayStation's Head Hermen Hulst, the upcoming PS5 game, "God of War" was also involved in a series of delays this year. The popular game developed by Santa Monica Studio was only one of many games besides "Horizon Forbidden West" that has been held back in its launch.

Originally, "Horizon" was set to be unveiled during the holiday season, but unforeseen problems happened amid the pandemic scare.

Mathijs de Jonge, the director of the Guerilla game, reminded everyone that unexpected instances happened sometimes like in the case of game delays. He added that they have been estimating the dates for the games and looking for a solution to avoid this case again.

Jonge clarified that they only wanted the fans to see the game on the day that they announced. Moreover, he said that they needed to hit the target schedule so they could have more time to fix the game's flaws before their launch date.

"God of War" and "Horizon" were not only the games that have faced delays this 2021. "Hogwarts Legacy," Gran Turismo 7," Gotham Knights," "Lord of the Rings Gollum," and "GoW's sequel" were also affected by the shift of the release dates.

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