Akshan, "League of Legends" newest champion, has been reportedly disabled for "LoL" Worlds 2021. On Sunday, Aug. 1, Maximilian Peter Schmidt, Riot's esports head in Europe, officially confirmed the news.

Akshan is Disabled in Two Upcoming 'LoL' Events

According to Dotesports, before Akshan was disabled for Worlds 2021, the latest champion was barred from the competition in the 2021 LEC Playoffs. During the voting, the teams were informed that they could use Akshan in the Worlds 2021 despite being disabled in LEC.

As per Riot Games' latest announcement via Schmidt, the champion will also not make it for the global competition.

The company chose to disable the Rogue Sentinel because of the champion balancing that usually strikes during the peak of the champ's popularity. According to the rule, the new champion cannot compete since it could yield "unbalanced matchups'' among pro players.

The ruling will also make sure that the professional players will first pick or ban the champ if they see that its potential can quickly snowball.

Akshan Immediately Receives Buff After His Release

Riot Games pays attention to the players who have been testing the potential of the new champion. When Akshan was introduced to "League of Legends" on July 22, the gaming company issued a quick improvement of his stats.

Specifically, Riot increased Akshan's base attack damage to 52 from 50. His hit points also received upgrades: from 530 HP to 560 HP.

Riot also adjusted the cooldown of Akshan's Avengerang (Q) to five seconds from six seconds at a max rank for his skills.

According to Jeevun Sidh, the lead gameplay designer of "League of Legends," the team wanted to attain a pair of 2.5% buff for Akshan. They also said that the win rate of the new champ should increase. That's why they buffed him up.

Overnight after Akshan got the buffs, his win rate accelerated to 34%. That's a clear indication that the hero has been effective, to say the least.

According to the League patch schedule, we could see another batch of buffs for the champion by the time Patch 11.16 drops on Aug.11.

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Reddit Comments Before Riot Disabled Akshan

Before the time when Riot announced that Akshan would be disabled in the competitive scene, the Reddit people have been loud to the soaring news about the "LoL" champ.

One commented that when Akshan could not make it to the LEC playoffs, he would get canceled at Worlds. Another commented that given a small time frame to fix Akshan's imbalanced stats and skills, he will be disabled in the said competitions.

Last April, Riot has disabled three heroes, Xayah, Aphelios, and Twitch, due to the "LoL '' 11.8 bug.

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