Android Smartwatches have all been in the market since the Apple Watch came out, but most people are sleeping on the device in favor of the Cupertino giant-designed. However, this does not mean that they are less of a product and were not purchased in the past years it has been available.

What these tiny devices can do is the same as what their competitors do, and it tells more than the time. Apple Watch may be the usual reported one for its innovations, features, and ability to save lives, but Androids also have this kind of power.

Android Smartwatches 2021

Android Smartwatches would soon get an update with the collaboration of Google and Samsung with its Wear OS, but that is yet to come. However, that does not mean that these smartwatches are any less than their upcoming update or operating system. 

Most Android Smartwatches have been made specifically for a smartphone brand, including that of Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more. But some can be cross-compatible and work the same wonders they can for a specific brand. 

Below, are smartwatches that are not specific to brands and are available for all. Check them out below. 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
(Photo : Samsung)

The first Galaxy Watch was released in 2018, and soon, it would release its fourth-generation watch known as the Galaxy Watch 4. 

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a watch that can be paired to most devices, even non-Samsung Brands.

It offers a round watch face and a massive touch screen interface. It has all the neat features of a smartwatch including a heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, step tracker, fitness and exercise capabilities, notifications, GPS, Bluetooth-earphones connectivity, and more. 

What is great about it is that it is only priced at $180, and it would not hurt one's budget for a purchase. 

Fossil Gen 5E

Fossil Gen 5E
(Photo : Fossil)

Fossil is a known luxury watch brand, but recently, it has transcended the use of technology for its timepieces. The Fossil Gen 5E is known for sporting the Wear OS, and can be easily connected to different smartphone devices, and bring most features of a smartwatch. 

It does not have a built-in GPS, and it has a small storage capacity, but it is still a watch, only upgraded with tech. 

You can never go wrong with style and functionality, and Fossil's Gen 5E brings both, at a considerably affordable price of $177.

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3
(Photo : Amazon)

While not exactly an "Android" smartwatch, it is still a device that you can easily connect to smartphones of any brand, and get most of the features it has. The Versa 3 is more for the users with an active lifestyle and aims to monitor themselves using a device that can do it all for them. 

The lightweight and square face appearance of the FitBit is something you want strapped on your hand when doing a workout, and it would help users detect everything, even bring a FitBit pay system for on-the-go purchases.

Fitbit Versa 3 is sold for $199.

Android vs. Apple: Smartwatches

Apple and Android have a massive difference, and one of them is affordability. Most Android devices and accessories are more affordable than Apple's, as the options above are less than half of a regular Apple Watch at $399.

These devices offer the same features, without the need to pay a hefty sum for it. Additionally, they are the best bets for Android smartphones and get the premium features they seek for a smartwatch. 

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