TikTok Stories, a Snapchat-like or Instagram-like feature, has entered the testing stage, the company spokesperson confirmed.

TikTok Stories Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Feature Enters Testing Stage, Company Confirms
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The pilot testing of the feature, which carries the same name as Snapchat and Instagram, came a day after Twitter shut down another similar function called Fleets due to its low user base.

TikTok Stories Similar to Snapchat and Instagram

The stories feature was popularized by Snapchat, but other social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Pinterest, Linkedin, even the Xbox App also borrowed the concept--letting a user post a photo or video that will disappear after 24 hours.

As such, TikTok borrowed the format of Instagram Stories, which took inspiration from Snapchat Story, Complex reported.

While platforms like YouTube are borrowing the short-form video format of TikTok, the latter decided to add a feature that other social media apps are flaunting.

As per Gizmodo, TikTok Stories is available at the slide-over sidebar of the video-sharing app, wherein posts by the accounts the user follows will vanish after a single day. And, just like on Instagram and Snapchat, viewers could react and comment on the story, as well as tap the profile picture of a user to view their disappearing content.

It is worth noting that a social media consultant, Matt Navarra, first highlighted the new TikTok feature on Twitter before the video platform confirmed its existence.

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TikTok Stories Enters Testing Stage

The Verge reported that a TikTok spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday, Aug. 4, that the video-sharing app is experimenting on a vanishing post feature, which sports a familiar moniker.

However, prior to the confirmation of the video platform, TikTok has reportedly been running and testing the feature for "several days" already. That said, the social media giant seeks to receive feedback from these early users.

TikTok said that the new borrowed feature is an addition to the options to interact with other people on the platform, adding that the company is always searching for ways to "enrich the TikTok experience."

However, it is to note that TikTok did not share details about the test of the new feature and its wider release later on.

Moreover, a representative of the platform hinted that there is a possibility that the Stories feature may disappear later on, just like what happened to Twitter Fleets.

Meanwhile, on top of Stories, TikTok is also testing another borrowed feature, this time from Cameo, that lets users pay creators of personalized videos. The new function goes by the name Shoutouts.

TikTok Stories: How to Use 

TikTok users can start posting their own "Stories" by simply clicking on the new "Create" button on the sidebar.

Upon taking a video, creators can write a creative caption or add some music. 

That's it, they followers may now view their vanishing video. However, unlike Snapchat's and Instagram's versions, the new TikTok feature only allows videos for their vanishing feature in the meantime.

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