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Google's Nest Doorbell is a battery-powered, wireless version of Nest Hello from 2018. It comes with different specs and amazing perks.

The Nest Doorbell will not replace Nest Hello, and fans of the product can still get both, but they are set to cater to different types of customers, with the former being ideal for those who do not have any doorbell wiring in place.

Google's Nest Doorbell Specs

The Nest Doorbell is different from the other wireless doorbells like Amazon's Ring because it has a two-way talk, high-definition resolution, and you can get a 145-degree field of view with a 3:4 aspect ratio. It also comes with smart alerts, a cool facial recognition feature, and other perks.

Although the smart doorbell is costly, you will need to pay $6 a month for the subscription to keep it going. It has a smooth general interface and a very impressive performance.

The Nest Doorbell costs $180, which is less expensive than the Arlo Wire-Free and Amazon's Ring, which both cost $200. You won't need the subscription to make most of the features work, according to CNET. 

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For example, while you need a subscription for the facial recognition feature to work, you won't need it if you wish to detect packages and animal-specific notifications.

You will also get a maximum of three hours of event storage for free, which means that you can check back on your recordings from earlier in the day if you are busy at the moment that they happen.

The live video stream has low latency, and it shows your movement in near real-time, whereas doorbells like Arlo have a 3-second delay.

The Nest Doorbell also comes in four different colors: beige, white, gray, and dark green. It can function as doorbell chimes, you can use it to call up the video feed with Google Assistant via the Nest Hub, and you can initiate conversations with your visitors.

Fans expected that Google had made changes on the smart doorbell's features due to last year's incident wherein Google Nest Doorbell users suddenly saw a stranger's house in a scary glitch.

If you subscribe to its $6 monthly Nest Aware program, you will get facial recognition and an event video history that can last for 30 days.

The smart doorbell will also be attached to the Google Nest Hub that lets you enjoy more features like seeing the air quality inside your house.

The Downside

The smart doorbell may be filled with amazing features, but it is not without any faults. The three hours of event storage is not enough for a day's activity, according to TechHive. 

For example, if something happens in the early morning, it won't be available for viewing when you wake up. This can be a huge disadvantage, especially for those who do not plan to get a subscription.

Also, the subscription fee is not budget-friendly, as Amazon's Ring and Arlo Wire-Free cost only $3 a month. That is half of Google's subscription fee.

Despite this, Google was able to get the aspect ratio and field of view right. It is something that Amazon struggles with.

With the Nest doorbell, you can get a better vertical field of view, which means that if someone is standing a foot away from the device, you will still see them from head to toe, according to TechCrunch. 

The 3:4 aspect ratio means that it can cover blind spots, especially at the entrance of your house.

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