Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are likely to see another addition to its retro titles, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, "in the next few weeks, according to the latest rumor.

Nintendo Switch Rumored to Add Game Boy, Game Boy Color Games ‘In Next Few Weeks’
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387339 03: A Nintendo promotion representative shows off the company's next-generation hand-held console Game Boy Advance at the Tokyo Game Show April 1, 2001 in Tokyo, Japan. The faster Game Boy Advance, which uses a 32-bit processor and is Internet-enabled, hit the shops in Japan for 9,800 yen (80 USD) March 21 to rave reviews.

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles will be an addition to the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES and Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES games, which are currently available in the Switch.

DotEsports further noted that some fans of Nintendo's Game Boy have been asking for a Switch emulator since its early days as both are handheld gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch to Add Game Boy, Game Boy Color Games

The latest rumors are suggesting that Game Boy fans are getting what they have been longing for — an emulator for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Rumored to Add Game Boy, Game Boy Color Games ‘In Next Few Weeks’
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New games for Nintendo Switch attract a crowd at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, opening in Los Angeles, California on June 11, 2019. - Gaming fans and developers gather, connecting thousands of the brightest, best and most innovative in the interactive entertainment industry and a chance for many to preview new games.

As per NintendoLife, the rumor first came from speculation that a known Nintendo insider that goes by the name "NateDrake" made on his podcast, "Nate the Hate."

The podcaster specified that both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are coming to the Switch Online service, a membership platform that gives users access to classic and iconic games.

It is worth noting that the prediction was rooted in a data mine way back in 2019 from the NES Switch App, stating that Nintendo is working on at least four emulators types.

The first carries the moniker Kachikachi, which is the NES Classic. Another one goes by Canoe, the SNES Classic. What's more, there are other two codenames, Hiyoko and Count, that have yet to be identified. As such, "NateDrake" suggested that the last two monikers are the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

On top of that, an unnamed source of Nintendo Life also confirmed that Game Boy Color and Game Boy gaming titles are indeed coming to Switch Online. However, the timeline of it was really vague, disclosing that it is launching "really soon."

On the other hand, although "NateDrake" also used vague terms, the insider said that the two new emulators are coming in the coming weeks.

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Game Boy Advance on Nintendo Switch Titles Too?

The unnamed insider further opined that the Game Boy Advance titles are less likely to be included in the paid service of Nintendo Switch as early as the other two.

The source argued that numerous other firms are already working on the remastered release of some Game Boy Advance games, such as the Advance Wars, which releases December this year.

Elsewhere, the Game Boy Advance is also getting its first-ever new game at least in the past 13 years, thanks to a Kickstarter project.

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