The U.S. DOE (Department of Energy) confirmed that the giant nation now relies on wind turbines to produce clean electricity.

US DOE Says America Now Relies More on Wind Energy to Generate Clean Electricity—Investing Around $24.6 Billion
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The sun rises on spinning turbines 05 May 2001 at the San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs, California where consistently strong winds power thousands of windmill-driven electric generators. As conservation efforts to ease California's energy crisis are going into effect, utility companies are looking to 'clean' non-polluting energy sources like these windmills.

The government agency announced that around 42% of new electricity generation capacity in the United States, back in 2020, came from land-based wind energy infrastructure. 

The Department of Energy added that this new record is higher than those generated by other energy sources in the country. This means that wind energy now generates more electricity than solar energy, which could only produce 38% of 2020's new capacity. 

Since America further enhances its wind energy industry, wind turbines are now stronger, intermittent electricity sources across the United States. DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory stated that the U.S. energy infrastructure received 16,836 megawatts of new utility-scale land-based wind power capacity. 

US DOE Says $24.6 Billion Wind Power Investment Took Place

According to CNBC's latest report, the United States invested more than $24.6 billion to enhance the country's air-based energy infrastructures. This is a major innovation since the government wants to reduce the rising carbon emissions. 

US DOE Says America Now Relies More on Wind Energy to Generate Clean Electricity—Investing Around $24.6 Billion

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Giant wind turbines are powered by strong prevailing winds on May 13, 2008 near Palm Springs, California. A US government report released this week concludes that wind energy could generate 20 percent of the electricity produced in the US by 2030, as much as is currently provided by nuclear reactors.

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New turbine models are also being improved to offer more efficient electricity generation methods or processes. They are also taller and have longer blades compared to traditional wind turbines. 

Aside from the land-based wind farms, the U.S. also plans to improve its offshore wind turbines. This would be essential since the country doesn't have domestic sea-based wind energy infrastructure last 2020. 

In other news, GM's Cruise announces California solar energy purchase. On the other hand, U.S. scientists claim nuclear fusion could be used to create better clean energy.  

Is Wind Energy Investment Worth It? 

Since DOE confirms that wind turbines now generate the majority of electrical energy in the United States, the billion-dollar investment is surely being used properly to lessen carbon emissions in the country. 

Energy.Gov also provided some of the advantages that wind turbine infrastructure enhancement could offer: 

  • New job opportunities
  • Cost-effective energy sources
  • Clean fuel sources
  • Sustainable energy sources
  • Wind turbines can easily be built in farms, ranches, and other open areas 

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