Akon, the popular R&B singer behind the 2007 hit song "Don't Matter" voiced out his support to the upcoming NFT game "Polker."

The blockchain game borrows a similar playstyle to the usual poker game.

For those who do not know about "Polker," what is this NFT game that hooked up Akon?

Akon Releases Video Supporting 'Polker'

NFT Game 'Polker' is the Next-Generation 'Play to Earn,' According to R&B Singer Akon [VIDEO]
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"Don't Matter" singer Akon is supporting the upcoming NFT game, "Polker," which is similar to other poker games. 

From the official YouTube channel of Polker Game, the reggae fusion R&B artist has been impressed with what "Polker" offers to him.

According to the Senegalese-American singer, the game is the next-generation play-to-earn game that he has played.

"Shoutout to Polker man, this game is revolutionary, I got a chance to play and wow, a card game experience in 3D, built-in Unreal Engine 4, this is hands down, this is the best play to earn, NFT game in the space," Akon mentioned in the 27-second video.

In the latter part of the clip, the 48-year-old said that he guaranteed that "Polker" will be the next wave in gaming. He also urged the people to get involved with this NFT game.

What is 'Polker?'

As per Investing.com's report on Tuesday, Sept. 2, the play-to-earn NFT game "Polker" is only one of many blockchain games that recently came out.

What's good about this game is the 3D animation that users will experience, thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

For those who want to pass time without any money involved, this NFT game can be playable for all users. As per the developers, "Polker" will foster a friendly community that is fair and transparent for everyone.

NFTs have been invading the field of gaming with the likes of "Axie Infinity,''  which is rising in the NFT game charts.

"Polker" incorporates the blockchain system into its platform to bring the best features for all players.

Each NFT game has corresponding in-game tokens, and that is also the case for "Polker." The native token on this poker-style game is $PKR, its main currency. Through this non-fungible token, users can buy items and trade them in the marketplace.

Ethereum is a compatible blockchain platform of $PKR, besides Tron and Binance Smart Chain.

Soon, the NFT game will allow cross-compatibility to Polygon bridge as well.

At the moment, there is an ongoing giveaway in BitMartUntil. The exchange will give the winners 500,000 $PKR. You can check the details by going to its site.

The future of NFT games might be uncertain, but with the appropriate promotion from prominent individuals like Akon, it is expected that "Polker" could soon become more popular than before.

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The digital for this game will be $ZOO. It was included in the latest top 5 trending tokens on CoinMarketCap.

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