Dyson Patents Stair Climbing Vacuum Robot | Will the Robot Ever Come Out?
(Photo : Screenshot From Dyson Website) Dyson Patents Stair Climbing Vacuum Robot | Will the Robot Ever Come Out?

Dyson has just patented its stair climbing robot vacuum robot technology. The technology was reportedly 16 years in the making and the patent shows how the Dyson bot can now do more than just vacuuming.

Dyson Robot Vacuum Stair Climbing

The Dyson robot vacuum is capable of climbing stairs. Bloomberg reports that the popular vacuum maker has actually spent 16 years trying to develop the robot vacuum capable of cleaning and climbing at the same time.

The details that were revealed in the patents published show that the Dyson bot is capable of holding cups and opening drawers. The only thing it still isn't that clear of is whether the project is currently still in planning stages or if it is just an idea that is being filed for future use. Other vacuum technologies at play now are the oil-free screw vacuum technology.

Dyson Products Range from Hair Straighteners to Toothbrushes

Dyson usually works on projects that are outside its usual scope ranging from hair straighteners to toothbrushes. Of course, a stair-climbing robot has yet to be confirmed if it is a real product. Dyson spokesperson told Bloomberg that they filed a lot of patents but they never really comment on technologies that they might or might not launch in the future.

From the looks of the patent that was filed in the UK, the Dyson robot vacuum won't really look that intimidating. Instead, the diagrams make it look just like one of those old-school vacuums that have wheels for its feet and extendable arms, according to the patent filing.

Patent Filing Description

The patent describes track-laying climbing mechanisms that are installed on two different sides of the main frame and another attached frame. A bottom plate is also installed under the middle of the main frame and another baffle is installed on the rear end located at the bottom plate in a hinged mode.

When the robot would go upstairs or downstairs, the robot as well as the stair climbing device meet as well as the baffle is then lowered to the ground. The robot climbs up the bottom plate using the baffle and the baffle turns up and stands upright in order to block the robot. After heading up or down, the baffle is then lowered to the ground and the robot would then be able to crawl through the baffle towards the floor.

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Robot Vacuum Technologies

According to the story by Gizmodo, they aren't really one to advocate for a future robot without including any skepticism. At the same time, however, they still do want a vacuum capable of climbing the stairs. Other interesting vacuum technologies as of the moment are handheld vacuums that are light and easy to use.

There are still some additional details regarding the "grabbing" nature of the arms of the vacuum and the patent actually seems to suggest it exists mainly to "control the orientation." Considering that it is supposed to be able to grab a specific mug, however, it's interesting to see it push aside a dining chair or even straighten a rug.

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