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Apple will push through with its plan of launching the Apple Watch Series 7. This announcement came as a surprise because Apple reported that it is facing some issues in the device's production earlier this month.

Apple Watch Series 7 Launch

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg confirmed via his weekly newsletter that the tech giant is struggling to produce the next-gen Apple Watch.

However, he claims that the company will announce the new Watch together with the iPhone 13 lineup later this month, but the company expects the Watch to be available in limited quantities initially.

Apple Watch Series 7 is said to come with a redesign. Apple plans to bring the flat-edge design to Watch this year, upgrading its display sizes from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm to 45mm. But the new display design had caused some issues for the tech giant.

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According to Gurman, the company is having serious production problems with the Watch Series 7. He said that three outcomes are possible of this delay.

First, they can withhold the launch while they solve the production issue. Second, the launch date could push through, and the device will only be available in limited quantities, and third, the device is announced by the launch date will be moved to a later date.

Gurman said fans could expect an announcement during Apple's September event together with the iPhone 13, but there will be a mix of the models shipping late or in limited quantities. That is what Apple did when it launched the original Apple Watch in 2015.

Apple is also expected to announce a lot of production this September and October, including the new iPhone 13 series, the Watch Series 7, the M1X MacBook Pro, the new iPad mini, and AirPods 3.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is not expected to have a lot of health features, but it will have a better and bigger battery. It is also said to come with a larger display.

Apple is also expected to host the virtual event on Sep. 14. The tech giant will be unveiling several devices aside from the iPhone 13 and Watch Series 7, according to 9to5Mac.  

Complex Redesign

Last month, Nikkei Asia reported that the Apple Watch Series 7 redesigned hardware caused production delays.

The production was delayed because of the complicated design of the new Watch series.  

The tech giant began production during the last week of August. However, the company encountered several challenges in reaching production performance.

Also, three sources told Nikkei that the current disappointing production quality could be because of the complexity of the design, which is different from that of the previous models of the watch, and the assemblers found problems when putting the parts and displays, and components together.

With that, the production was halted last month as the company and its suppliers sorted out the issues and certify the designs before going into mass production.

The next Watch series will come with new features like blood pressure measurement. This means that the production involves fitting several components into a similar-sized watch body.

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