The Nintendo Switch could have a major price cut in a week's time from this writing, according to a prominent retail leaker.

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According to a report by GamesRadar, the price cut could be as big as $70 off at select retailers.

The price cut, however, will reportedly only hit French stores for now, since the leaker that broke out the news was a French language profile on Twitter called Nintend'Alerts (Nintendo Alerts), who's actually a verified user:

Translating the tweet reveals the message that the Nintendo Switch will now cost around €270 (around $320) throughout Europe.

Currently, the Switch (its base model, specifically) costs €330 (over $390). Prices in the US are a lot lower though at roughly $299.

The $70 (about €60) price drop would mean that the Nintendo Switch could be as cheap as $229 in the U,S and £200 ($277) in the UK.

However, there's no discernable (or confirmed) reasoning yet from Nintendo for this rumored price drop.

Nintend'Alerts has earned a reputation for being reliable with leaked information in the past. So far, the Twitter profile has over 80,000 followers, according to Nintendo Life.

A few industry sleuths do believe that this price cut's goal is to bring the European prices of the handheld down to better match other regions.

Right now, EU pricing for the Nintendo Switch is way higher compared to other major regions, such as North America, and even Japan.

Either way, there's no word on whether the price cut only affects the base Nintendo Switch, or it also applies to the Switch Lite.

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Nintendo Switch Price Cut: What Does This Mean for the Switch OLED?

Nintendo didn't really give fans the Switch Pro that they've all been waiting for, instead coming up with a new OLED model that they announced shortly after E3.

Priced at $349.99 MSRP, the Switch OLED is scheduled to come out in October, barring any other delays and maybe some supply shortages.

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TIANJIN, CHINA - 2021/07/20: A cartoon figurine of Super Mario Bros. stands in front of a Nintendo Switch store in a shopping market. By the end of June 2021, Nintendo's total global sales of Switch (including Switch and Switch Lite) have reached 87.43 million units, surpassing PS3 and becoming the seventh best selling host in Nintendo's history.

What's notable about this rumored price cut is that it's placed just less than a month before the Switch OLED's release. It could be that Nintendo might be looking to offload their still-unsold inventory, which doesn't really make sense considering how the handheld sold exquisitely well during the pandemic.

But until Nintendo themselves make an official statement or confirm that the price cut is true, this is mere speculation.

All Hands on Deck for the Switch OLED?

When the Switch OLED was first announced, Nintendo likely didn't expect the lack of enthusiasm from fans about the model.

That's because aside from the new, slightly bigger OLED screen, which could suffer from potential burn-in, there's nothing that brings improved gaming performance.

It still has the same fundamental hardware for an asking price of $350, with all of the hyped-up "4K" performance when docked turning out to be bogus.

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