Expats in Thailand Overlooked with New Digital Health Pass Through Mohpromt App
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Expats in Thailand Overlooked with New Digital Health Pass Through Mohpromt App

Expats that are in Thailand seem to be overlooked with the new digital health pass that the country rolled out through the Mohpromt app. This comes as the country extends its efforts to help fight against COVID-19.

Thailand Digital Health Pass

According to the story by ChiangraiTimes, the health department of Thailand has just launched its very own "digital health pass" through the Mohpromt app. It was noted that all Thai residents located in the country are now advised to download the app.

The health pass, which has already seen significant adoption by most domestic airlines, will soon become an actual mandatory for users of everyday venues and services. The pass can reportedly be downloaded through the Mohpromt app. Aside from Thailand, British Columbia is also trying to implement the vaccination card, but it did come with a few compromises.

13-Digit Thai ID

The app, however, currently only accepts the unique 13-digit Thai ID numbers. This means that expats and foreign workers won't be able to register through the app. A number of Thais have also complained that they have reportedly been unable to get the digital health pass. This is despite the fact that they have already gotten two jabs.

For those that don't know what a digital health pass is, it was broken down into three stages: proof of vaccination, date, and result of last COVID-19 test, and antibody readings. There is a strong reason behind why the country is trying to implement this. Digital vaccine passports are reportedly set to be implemented in Australia over the course of a few weeks.

Airlines Already Implementing Ditial Pass

According to the article, the digital pass now looks set to become an important document for restaurants, spas, gyms and even public market entries in the future. As of September 8, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Thai Viet Jet, Air Asia X, and Lion Air were all accepting the digital pass as proof that their passengers were vaccinated. This is an important requirement for domestic air travel.

In order to get the health pass, applicants would need to have their second COVID-19 jabs or be tested at a certain officially recognized venue. For those that have two jabs but are still not able to get the pass, they are advised to contact the site where they were vaccinated in order to make sure that their status has been updated.

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Expats in Thailand

According to an article by Bangkok Post on August 6, 2021, the Foreign Ministry says that there have been over 35,000 foreign residents registered to get COVID-19 vaccines. Spokesman Tanee Sangrat noted that a total of 35,455 expatriates spreading the country have registered through expatvac.consular.go.th in order to get the vaccination services.

Out of the number, it was noted that 7,793 are over the age of 60, and 2,500 of them already have underlying health conditions. It was also noted that 143 of them were pregnant. The registration site for COVID-19 vaccinations was reportedly launched for foreign residents in all provinces throughout the country.

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