"Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall" would be the title of the third installment of the hit DC game franchise after a leak has surfaced on the internet, which hints at the sequel from NetherRealm and Warner Interactive. The game of "Injustice" has been a popular one for Warner Bros., and it has put them on the map for a franchise that was unprecedented. 

It is known that "Injustice 2" had no further titles and only opted for the number to the game's name. It was released in 2017, which is already 4 years from today, already marking massive years. Xbox would soon get its "Mortal Kombat" and "Injustice" games, courtesy of Warner. 

Before this, "Fortnite" is also known to feature a handful of DC characters in the battle royale. 

'Injustice 3' Title Leak

Injustice 2
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According to a Github post, a list of GeForce Now games for the upcoming service have been leaked online, and one of them is the sequel to the popular franchise of "Injustice 3." Yes, it has been several years since the last release of "Injustice" and NetherRealm Studios, which is why fans have been clamoring about it via social media

The sequel has mixed views from the audience, and a lot of people have doubted the authenticity of the title, as well as the upcoming 3rd game from NetherRealm. A user has argued that "Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall" was initially from a fan website, which has speculated on the sequel's next name. 

The mixed reviews on the game have shown the shaky fate of the sequel and its development from NetherRealm, as it is still not yet confirmed by the developers. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has not yet released any confirmation for it as well. 

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'Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall' Release Date

Injustice 2
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Seeing as there are no confirmations yet from any outlets, leakers, or insiders, "Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall" will remain to be hearsay or something which remains a concept. There is no expected release date for this, especially as there are no statuses released by the developers or leakers with regards to the project. 

"Injustice" is known to be a "AAA" game, meaning that its production would be massive and would take time from its producers, developers, publishers, and other concerned parties. 

The time expected for the game would be lengthy, something which AAA games take seriously before its release. Also, no sequels were planned after its 2017 release, so there are no hints as to the game's future. 

Is NetherRealm Developing the Sequel?

Injustice 2
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As mentioned earlier, nothing is confirmed yet, especially for the fate of the "Injustice" franchise, as it remains a secret project or not a project at all from NetherRealm. Other fingers are pointing out to a "Mortal Kombat" franchise that is coming soon, and not an "Injustice" game to be released. 

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