With the upcoming Windows 11, Microsoft has to alter several features for the users. The Redmond giant decided to stick with the default browser prompt that will allow its original browser in the system.

In its previous Windows 10 OS, the company has required the users to particularly select its default programs. During that time, the user will be instructed to launch the settings screen for the default apps.

However, Mozilla has the current solution to this option. Through Firefox 91, the confusing interface for the default apps will no longer work.

What's the Problem With Windows 11's Default Programs

A screen displays the logo of the open-s
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A screen displays the logo of the open-source web browser Firefox on July 31, 2009, in London, as the software edges towards it's billionth download within the next twenty four hours. First released in 2004, the browser currently holds around 31 % of the market share with Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominating the field with 60 %.

According to Bleeping Computer, the new Windows 11 operating system now requires the users to "manually" alter the set of apps for every file type.

Changing your browser might not work the same as before since you cannot just simply tap the web browser setting. Before you do that, you will be instructed to find the .htm and .html extensions for your files.

Moreover, you will also need to look for the HTTPS or HTTP protocol to incorporate them with your chosen program. This tedious sequence of processes might be dazing for some users.

For this reason, Mozilla comes to the rescue with its proactive approach against Microsoft's policy.

Firefox will now allow the users to change their default browsers in a single click.

Firefox 91 Lets Users Select Their Desired Default Browser

From a report by SlashGear published on Tuesday, Sept.14, Mozilla has a new notification that will simply interrogate the users about the browser change.

In the past, the Windows 10 default apps have only limited interaction with the users. It even gets worse with the latest Windows 11 build.

Through a reverse-engineered concept, Mozilla can solve the concerns of some users.

By tapping the "Make Default" button, the users can now change their default browsers without going to the "Default apps" settings screen of Windows 10/11.

In a report by The Verge earlier this week, a spokesperson from Mozilla said that people should have the freedom to set their selected default apps on the systems.

"All operating systems should offer official developer support for default status so people can easily set their apps as default," the spokesperson mentioned.

The company representative added that Firefox aims to give more breathing room to Windows users by choosing Firefox as the default browser. It's the same feature that used to take place with the Microsoft Edge.

Switching the default Microsoft Edge browser to Mozilla Firefox is better since not all people prefer a similar setup. The change drives away people from sticking with the default application.

Mozilla Firefox developers are continuously implementing the changes in the web browsers.

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Mozilla Firefox Data Privacy and Protection

Firefox users back in March were granted to experience the browser's SmartBlock feature, which is available for private browsing and "strict mode."

Back then, Firefox 87's feature was revealed to be useful in detecting the cross-site tracking of the third-party apps

In June, a new safety capability that Mozilla launched in Firefox 89 also tackled a similar feature. Through total cookie protection, the user's data will be protected from outsiders.

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