Nintendo Switch has rolled out an update where it has brought Bluetooth compatibility, something which users have requested from the company since the beginning of its early release. Now, it would allow users to use Bluetooth devices such as peripherals, headphones, earphones, or accessories.

It would help in elevating the game experience of the gamers for the Switch.

A lot of modifications have made the Nintendo Switch a game console for its users to enjoy, including that of allowing it to run Nintendo 64 games and other tweaks. There have been reports that the Switch would soon release its next version, featuring the OLED screens that were speculated to have burn-ins when used for the hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Compatibility

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Compatibility
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Nintendo Switch has rolled out Bluetooth compatibility, and Nintendo has recently announced this via Twitter, bringing the news to its users who have been anticipating the service for a long time now. Initially, users would need to have adaptors or Bluetooth modules to be connected to their game consoles to use their wireless devices. 

Users would need to ensure that their Nintendo Switch's firmware is updated to the latest version from the company, which is version 13.0.0, an update that is solely dedicated to Bluetooth connectivity. 

However, the latest update would not give users an easy way to connect the Bluetooth devices on one's Switch, and a specific procedure is needed for this to work. 

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How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Bluetooth Devices

Nintendo switch
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According to Nintendo's Support page, the Nintendo Switch can only detect new devices if there are no more than two wireless controllers connected to it. Users need to disconnect at least one before proceeding to pair a new device. 

Users can disconnect devices by pressing the "SYNC" button for at least 1 second. Nintendo notes that two JoyCon controllers are considered as two wireless devices. 

Put your device into pairing mode for the Switch to detect. Head to the Nintendo Switch's "HOME" and navigate to "System Settings."

Look for "Bluetooth Audio," and select "Pair." Nintendo said that pairing would take several seconds to less than a minute to successfully have it as a trusted device. The Switch can only keep up to 10 devices paired to its Bluetooth. 

Once paired, the Switch would look for the device at all times, as long as the Bluetooth is enabled. 

Nintendo Switch and Accessories

Nintendo switch controller
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Any wireless Bluetooth-ready headphones or earphones can pair with the Nintendo Switch for the use of audio and music purposes. 

Other devices and accessories also come, including wireless controllers that are known to be JoyCon controllers or extra ones for professional gaming experience (like in the PS5 and Xbox).

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