A new Facebook policy has been published to tackle the rising coordinated social harm. The giant social media platform explains that this new change could greatly prevent the new harmful online activity so that users would not be affected. 

Facebook New Policy Focuses on Coordinated Social Harm: What Is This New Activity and Why FB is Taking It Seriously?
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Picture taken on May 12, 2012 in Paris shows an illustration made with figurines set up in front of Facebook's homepage. Facebook, already assured of becoming one of the most valuable US firms when it goes public later this month, now must convince investors in the next two weeks that it is worth all the hype. 

"My team coordinates our cross-company effort to find and stop adversarial actors from targeting people on our platform," said Facebook Security Policy's Head Nathaniel Gleicher. 

He added that they are focusing on targeted cyber espionage activity and cover the influence operations of spammers and other online attackers. However, the new issue revolves around verified Facebook users who tend to conduct online activities that could negatively affect user experiences. 

This means that the new policy for the so-called "coordinated social harm" would be quite different from the rules focusing on "coordinated inauthentic behavior," which targets fake accounts or unverified users. 

New Facebook Policy's Details

According to Engadget's latest report, Gleicher and his team see some FB groups that pose a risk of significant social media harm. The Facebook authority further explained that the new policy would be lighter than those implemented for dangerous organizations lurking in the giant online platform.

Facebook New Policy Focuses on Coordinated Social Harm: What Is This New Activity and Why FB is Taking It Seriously?

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In this photo illustration the Social networking site Facebook is displayed on a laptop screen on March 25, 2009 in London, England. The British government has made proposals which would force Social networking websites such as Facebook to pass on details of users, friends and contacts to help fight terrorism. 

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Nathaniel added that the new rule would address the issues created by those individuals between authentic and inauthentic Facebook users. On the other hand, the FB policy could still lead to account bans and other online restrictions in the giant social media platform. 

The giant tech firm already did this with the so-called "Quardenken" movement, which violates the company's Community Standards. Aside from making new policies to ensure user safety, Facebook is also busy enhancing its other products. These include the new Facebook XCheck for VIPs, celebrities, and other popular individuals on the platform. 

On the other hand, various rumors are now claiming that the new Facebook Ray-Ban smart glasses will arrive soon.  

What is Coordinated Social Harm? 

Facebook's official blog post explained that the newly identified coordinated social harm involves harmful campaigns conducted by verified FB users. 

They added that regular users do not do these negative online activities. Instead, coordinated social harm is usually created by organized groups working together to increase their repeated harmful activities. 

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