Google Calendar Widgets Gets Easy 'Add Events' Through a Click of a Button | Learn More
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Google Calendar Widgets Gets Easy 'Add Events' Through a Click of a Button | Learn More

The Google Calendar widget is now getting a smooth "add events" feature through a simple click of a button.

This will reportedly be part of one of the new highlighting features that Google showed off in the I/O 2021 that is coming to Android 12, introducing the Material You update.

Google New UI Design Update

According to the story by XDA-developers, it is actually Google's next big UI design update that reportedly aims to customize the whole user experience on every single device in a unique way.

With the whole Google Pixel 6 series, as well as the stable release of Android 12 shortly right around the corner, Google has actually been updating a number of its apps with support needed for the Material You.

Just recently, the supposed Google Calendar actually received a whole Material You design refresh.

It has now come to light that the upgrade also brings new buttons that aim to help users quickly add new events from the widgets.

Meanwhile, Google One is also offering another 5TB option at $24.99 a month to come in between the 2TB as well as 10TB options that are currently available.

Google Calendar App Widget

The Google Calendar app reportedly comes with a widget that users can add to the home screen to get a short glimpse of all of the upcoming events.

The biggest grip that people had with the particular widget, however, was that it didn't really offer an option to easily add an event.

This has finally changed with the new 2021.37.0-396230951-release of the Google Calendar.

The new button reportedly makes everything a lot easier, especially for those that need to add a number of events to their calendar throughout the course of the day.

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New Add Event Button

Users will no longer need to open the calendar app and look for the supposed Add Event button. Users can easily add the widget onto the home screen as well as tap the "+" icon in order to add an upcoming event to their schedule.

For those that are still running the Android 12 beta and reportedly have the Google Calendar app installed, users will be able to see the brand new widget as well as the app redesign along with the update of the app.

Google Calendar app is not the only app that is currently in Google's portfolio that is expected to receive a whole widget update along with the Material You redesign.

Both Google Drive as well as Google Keep are now also getting new widgets along with the Material You updates.

Screenshots of other upgrades that will be included in the Material You redesign can be seen in a tweet by TechDroider.

In related news, Google has recently been fined $177 million in South Korea for allegedly blocking Samsung from using operating systems made by rivals. 

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