Google TV is likely adding free TV channels on Chromecast and other smart TVs similar to a feature that Roku and Samsung TV Plus already sport.

Google TV Likely to Stream Free TV Channels Like Roku and Samsung TV Plus
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Currently, Google TV is home to some of the most popular online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO Max, or Disney Plus.

Not to mention that the TV operating system also allows its users to enjoy its personalized content recommendation feature, which collects various contents from different streaming services.

Google TV Likely to Stream Free TV Channels

The report first came from Protocol, citing industry insiders, which also previously disclosed that Samsung TV Plus will soon be available on web browsers.

The news outlet further claimed that Google is already in talks with some firms in its attempt to include free, ad-supported streaming television, or FAST channels on its Google TV.

The FAST channels will reportedly carry a similar experience as the traditional broadcasters in your locality.

To be precise, the resemblances of the two formats are the ads in between videos, as well as on-screen.

It is worth adding that the free channels are likely to be seen on smart TVs of TCL and Sony, and of course, the Google Chromecast once it rolls out.

Google TV Free TV Channels Launch

As per Android Police, Google is possibly launching the free TV lineup of Google TV at the same time as the launch of its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Pixel 6.

The tech giant is releasing its upcoming device during the Made by Google event in October. So, the news outlet is speculating that the free TV channels are likely to launch during this major launch.

However, Android Police further noted the launch of the new Google TV feature could still be moved to a much later date, saying that it could be out in early 2022.

Roku Free TV Channels

It is worth noting that Google TV's new feature is not something new. Roku already launched a similar platform last year.

Roku Channel boasts around 10,000 TV show episodes, along with films.

What's more, the said feature is also home to various channel genres, such as kids TV, cooking, home living, true crime, and family--among other interesting categories.

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Samsung TV Plus

Meanwhile, Samsung TV Plus is the streaming service platform of the South Korean giant that includes more than 180 channels to choose from.

Just like Roku, Samsung free TV channels include sports, news, and even entertainment.

Last Sept. 4, Samsung TV Plus was rolled out on mobile phones in the United States. The list of compatible devices includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy S10, and the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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