Apple has released a "Guided Tour" of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, which does not only look at the specs of the phone as a listed guide but more on practical applications and use of it. Viewers may mistake it for a "waterproof" new iPhone, but it is more water-resistant, the same as the iPhone 12 and older.

There are a lot of confirmed specs that came with the new iPhone, and some have been left as leaks or speculations only. One of the confirmed specs that made it was the 120Hz display refresh rate for the Pro versions, while the leaks and speculation still hold the LEO Satellite capabilities of the smartphone to communicate.

Apple iPhone 13 Guided Tour

Apple is not much into marketing its devices, and the guided tour is fairly a new one for the company. The video was released on YouTube and shared on the Cupertino giant's social media pages for people to see and evaluate the smartphone. This is something that can help them to decide whether to buy or pass on the device.

The Guided Tour takes on a friendly approach in convincing a person how significant an iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro can be on a person's life because of its specs and feature. When watching the video, users would be moved by how spectacular the iPhone 13 can be, even though most of what it changed is not that big of a leap from the iPhone 12 series.

There are four variants to the iPhone 13, and this resembles the release of the iPhone 12 series. These are namely:

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

And with that said, it would have different specs that range from the least advanced variant to the most advanced. However, Apple says that even the iPhone 13 Mini has a lot to give to users on this update of the smartphone.

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Specs and Features

The specs and features from the guided tour focused on the Camera, Battery, Durability, Display, and the 3x optical zoom of the iPhone 13 Pro.

The camera was said to have improved with the "Cinematic Mode", which helps in blurring the background and choosing a subject to focus on. The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro variants would both have this. Users can also edit this and choose the appropriate subject to focus on. Also, it has improved on low-light settings.

iPhone 13 Pro's 3x optical zoom is also a thing to marvel on, as it has a clearer zoom on its new upgrade.

Apple boasts of an all-day battery, which users can maximize to multi-task and use the smartphone for longer periods. Apple did not say the exact capacity on their website but said that the Pro could go as long as 28 hours on playback.

Is it Waterproof?

On the other hand, the iPhone 13 focused on durability with Ceramic Shield, claiming to protect the device even on drops without a case. Also, it has a standard IP68 water and dust rating to protect it, which is the same as the iPhone 12 and below.

Is it Worth Buying?

The question now is that, is the iPhone 13 worth buying? That has to depend on the device that a person currently owns and their budget. The Pro Max alone can cost almost $1,599 with the 1TB variant, so it would be worth it if users are upgrading from iPhone X or below but would not be with the later variants.

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