Skincare is life, and obviously, a big deal for others who wants that flawless look when going out or even when staying at home amidst this pandemic where everything is focused on the virtual world. From going bare on video conferences or makeup, people want to look good in front of others, and the lack of "going out" is harmful to the skin.

Before all this, TikTok was a frowned upon social media as it came from an unknown developer and was frequently under fire from the government mandates. However, now, people have been lax on TikTok and embraced it as it is, becoming one of the most used social media in the world.

Several of its content focuses on mental health and diet challenges, two massive topics on the short-video social media.

Skincare is Life: TikTok Influencers You Need to Follow

Skincare TikTok Influencers You Need to Follow Now
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TikTok is the place to be, but before, it was Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, and users can search for this within a search of a hashtag. Users can simply select a hashtag or search the keyword "skincare" and go on their merry way.


   @dermdoctor ##duet with @hiphoplove91 not good ##dermdoctor ##pimplepopping  ♬ The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1 - Ricky Desktop     

Dr. Shah is a dermatology resident and a doctor, which focuses on answering questions and providing tips for people with regards to their skin. It is known that this generation is focused on looks and popularity on social media, and this is one of the reasons why the doctor is aiming to help those in need. The account has 10 million followers and 217.9 million likes on the platform, which attests to his popularity and relevance for teens and other members of the social networking app.

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 @208skindoc Sorry Beyoncé ##metgala ##fashion ##ratemylook ##dermatologist ##sunscreen ##208skindoc ♬ STREETSX VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - XXKATUSJINSUX  

Dr. Dustin Portela is a dermatologist that advises people on skincare, acne, and other skin problems which the average teenager would face or experience in their current life. Dr. Portela has become a hit on the platform as he shares relatable and applicable advice which teens can use or adopt as they take care of their skins.

The skin doc also posts reaction videos on celebrities and their makeup and then evaluates them on how much product is used and how it would affect their skins.


   @whatsonvisface have you tried? ##skincare ##UltaSkinTok ##skintok ##nyc ##newyork  ♬ Chill out lofi hip hop(912904) - osuga satoshi     

Whatsonvisface is a social media account of an influencer and skin enthusiast known from "The Batchelor." Her content focuses on trying on different skin products and skincare routines, which she would evaluate and rate for her viewers. What is interesting with the influencer is that she puts humor on her content, making it an entertaining place to linger and get advice from. Vi appears as a friend who you can reach out to, especially when asking about skin.


 @bauerbeauty ##ad @versed ##versed ##ad if you are ##oily and ##acneprone this is for you! ##esthetician ♬ original sound - barrier queen  

Bauer Beauty is all about being the "barrier queen" on TikTok, where she promotes skincare products that can help in protecting one's skin and those that are harmful. The influencer also tries on the product, which she reviews and rates according to their elements or formulas.

The influencer also focuses on supermarket finds which are approved by skin experts or estheticians, something which a regular person can find at their local stores. She is also brutally honest when roasting skincare products and if they are not as ideal to buy as they are advertised to be.

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