AFK "League of Legends" players could further be reduced as Riot Games releases new punishment. The giant title developer confirmed that those who are repeatedly raging quitting a match would suffer from MOBA queue bans, which could last up to 14 days. 

AFK 'League of Legends' Players To Face MOBA Queue Lockout as New Punishment—Up To 14 Days!
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Riot Games' update would clearly scare more players, preventing them from ruining normal games, as well as ranked matches. As of the moment, various gamers are still quitting a match, especially when they don't like their team's hero lineup or are just annoyed with some of their teammates and enemies.

Although this might seem a light offense, many players are complaining about AFKs since they could lose some points during ranked matches. If they experience this issue repeatedly, there's a high chance their composure for the next games will also be affected.

"We know that AFKs and leavers are some of the most disruptive behaviors you face, so we're happy to be coming to you today with an update around AFK and Leaver punishments," said BarackProbama and TimTamMonster, the leading product and design experts of Riot Games' Behavioral Systems Team.

AFK 'League of Legends' Players To be Further Reduced!

According to NME's latest report, the punishment for AFK players only lasts for more than 15 minutes. Because of this short period, they are still not encouraged to stop their annoying habits.

AFK 'League of Legends' Players To Face MOBA Queue Lockout as New Punishment—Up To 14 Days!
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Because of AFK gamers, other fans find it hard to win a match when they face a 4v5 situation. Sometimes, they could also be in a 3v5 or even 2v5 scenarios, which could clearly devastate their will to win. Now, Riot Games confirmed the new punishment lasting up to one, three, seven, and even 14 days, respectively.

However, the number of days would still depend on how many times you have AFKed. The giant title creator also explained that the new update aims explicitly to remove these players from MOBA queues so that other gamers would still have some time to regain their game mood.

Riot Games is not only focusing on enhancing its anti-AFK campaign. It is also improving the actual Summoner's Rift using various new in-game content. These include "League of Legends" Patch 11.18 healing buffs for Dr. Mundo and Soraka. On the other hand, Riot Games movies could also arrive.

New AFK Punishment's Other Details

LoL Garena blog post explained that the new AFK punishment has different levels. If you haven't seen the latest update of Riot Games regarding these game violators, here are the lockout levels you need to know:

  • 1 day - 15 minutes for 5 games
  • 3 days - 15 minutes for 5 games
  • 7 days - 15 minutes for 5 games
  • 14 days - 15 minutes for 5 games

Aside from punishments, Riot Games also said they would focus on why AFKs are happening in the Summoner's Rift. 

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