"Fortnite" has engaged in a new collaboration with a popular name, and this time, it is not with a media or games company, but with a known luxury fashion brand from Spain, Balenciaga. The clothing line has focused on both digital and physical outfits, which both have already launched on their platforms, now available to buy globally. 

Epic Games has recently put "Fortnite's" Season 7 of Invasion to an end, which has put people to the new Season 8 called "Cubed", which is more of a dystopian survival future. 

This comes alongside the lawsuit against Apple, which resulted in the App Store giving developers more and deemed that Epic Games' case before was reasonable.

Fortnite x Balenciaga

Fortnite x Balenciaga
(Photo : Fortnite)

"Fortnite" has revealed the collaboration only earlier this day, and it has taken the internet by storm as it was not the collaboration that most fans, gamers, and enthusiasts expect. Most of what Epic Games and "Fortnite" went into collaborations with were media companies or games, with the likes of Marvel, DC Comics, Capcom, and more. 

The battle royale game dubs this as an event where "digital fashion comes to life," suggesting that it would both be available from the game's digital platform down to the fashion company's physical stores. The "Fortnite" x Balenciaga collaboration would feature outfits from the game, and yes, it would have some wild fits but focus on making it "high fashion."

Fortnite x Balenciaga
(Photo : Fortnite)

Balenciaga's branding is more into luxury streetwear, something which has been observed in "Fortnite" as people dress up their avatars into high fashion or wild fits. "Fornite" and Balenciaga have a common ground, and it is features a different kind of fashion for people to enjoy, as it is known that fashion is one way to express one's self.

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Fortnite Digital Outfits 

Fortnite x Balenciaga
(Photo : Fortnite)

The "Fortnite" Balenciaga collaboration dropped at 8 PM ET, and it has been a fresh drop for the game and clothing brand. There are a lot of set outfits, accessories, and other items that come with this, and all of them are available in the battle royale game for people to enjoy. 

The battle royale game is also inviting people to showcase themselves in a live experience, showing off their new Balenciaga fit that is mixed and matched with the different clothes previously available in Fortnite. 

Balenciaga's Fortnite Outfits

On the other hand, digital outfits are coming to life, and it is via Balenciaga's online stores, now available for people to purchase. It is worth noting that the outfits here that came from Fortnite, including shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more are in the price range of a regular Balenciaga outfit, which is pricey. 

However, it is still a way to express one's love for the game and the way to get styled by one of the most popular fashion companies in the world. 

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