TSMC, a prominent Apple processor manufacturer based in Taiwan, has reportedly kicked out seven employees who have bypassed the company's core values.

The violation was attributed to more than that reason. The involved employees have been found out to be leaking confidential company data, according to the local reports.

TSMC Employees Fired Over Improper Behavior

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This photo taken on March 25, 2021 shows a factory of Taiwanese semiconductors manufacturer TSMC at Central Taiwan Science Park in Taichung.

A recent report linked to the Cupertino giant's microprocessor supplier appeared. It highlighted that all employees should serve with integrity.

According to 9to5Mac's report, TSMC has recently fired some of its staff after they violated the company's policies.

However, some Taiwan-based sources explained that the potential reason for the dismissal was the leakage of customer products and other related data.

TSMC has established a firm set of rules that every employee should abide by.

Nevertheless, there are times that an employee can be disobedient about following the regulations. They even resorted to violating the most essential core values that the company treasures.

Earlier this week, the Taiwanese chipmaker noted that the company values integrity. While other core values could be more significant than it, this crucial value should drive TSMC staff to obey at all times.

TSMC made sure this time that the employees who violated them will receive corresponding punishment. The company continued that it will stick with its core values for the betterment of the whole organization.

The company is Apple's most trusted partner when it comes to chips that are often used in iPhones, tablets, and other Apple devices.

Patently Apple indicated in its report that TSMC's leaks regarding the information of the customers will "likely" yield bad news for the tech giant.

Recent Apple Fiasco Involving an Employee

The latest controversial report about Apple was Tim Cook's decision to launch an investigation against the unknown employees who leaked the company's memo.

The company's CEO was disappointed after learning that some details of the meeting reached the media.

It has become even worse when product leaks were involved in such a cause.

Cook found out that there were sensitive details about iPhone 13 which were still unannounced to the public that have been leaked ahead of the Apple event.

The information was reportedly spread to the reporters.

Tech companies are known to be secretive when it comes to their products. This culture of secrecy has been a huge part of their success during product launches.

However, the case for Apple could only mean one thing for the company: it might affect their promotion in the future. 

In addition, this situation could also affect the atmosphere of the workplace. 

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How TSMC Combats Global Chip Shortage

Over the past months, TSMC admitted that it was struggling with the crisis involving the semiconductors. As a solution, the chipmaker, together with its co-manufacturer, Intel has decided to develop factories in Arizona.

To keep up with the issue, these plants would provide the needed supplies for the tech chips.

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