Microsoft Surface Duo Android 11 Option Could Launch in 2021
(Photo : Image from Microsoft Website) Microsoft Surface Duo Android 11 Option Could Launch in 2021

The Microsoft Surface Duo could potentially be getting an Android 11 option to launch later this 2021. Despite the Android 12 coming up soon, Microsoft Surface Duo users are still quite stuck with the Android 10 option.

Microsoft Surface Duo Android 11 Update

According to the story by PocketNow, it actually seems that the original Microsoft Surface Duo could be receiving an upcoming Android 11 some time later this year. Although most people are already getting ready to hop on the new Android 12 when it launches, those who were reportedly brave enough to try the original variant of the previous Microsoft Surface Duo are all still living the Android 10 experience.

As of the moment, the latest information claims that the company is reportedly working on upgrading these particular devices to the current version of Android 11 before the year 2021 comes to an end. The original Microsoft Surface Duo reportedly launched with Android 10 just two more days after the arrival of Android 11, which according to the article, was not really such a smart move.

Android 10 for Microsoft Surface Duo

Whatever the case is, the Microsoft Surface Duo is reportedly still stuck with Android 10 and users are all still waiting for the final version of the Android 11 that is still in its fourth beta as of the moment. The good news, however, is that within less than a year after its own official launch, Microsoft has reportedly told The Verge that the company remains committed to be able to provide updates for the Surface Duo.

In addition to this, the company has also reportedly mentioned that it is working on updating this particular device to Android 11 before the year ends. Although there are still a couple of months left before the end of 20221, Microsoft's spokesperson still did not reveal a possible release date for the upcoming Android 11 update for the specific Surface Duo.

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Surface Duo Price

Microsoft just recently announced that the upcoming Surface Duo 2 will be arriving with an already updated Android 11 straight out of the box. The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is already available for pre-order on the official Microsoft Online store at the price of $1,500. Reports are stating that the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 might not sit that well with customers

Buyers, however, can still check out the original Microsoft Surface Duo which is currently still available for just as low as $489 on This is reportedly an AT&T locked variant that comes with 256GB of storage. There is also a more affordable 128GB option that costs $439.

For those that want to buy the unlocked version, this will reportedly cost a little bit more. The article suggests that buyers check out the Surface Duo's durability test in order to know if it is the best device for users while there are also other foldable options that exist in the market. Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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