The NFT of "Side-Eyeing Chloe" viral meme's image from the original video was sold for a cool $74,000 after its auction concluded.

‘Side Eyeing Chloe’ Viral Meme’s NFT Auction Price Starts at $15,000
(Photo : screenshot from KnowYourMeme YouTube )
“Side Eyeing Chloe” viral meme’s NFT is now open for auction. The original image of the facial expression sells at a starting price of $15,000.

The viral image of Chloe Clem's unimpressed reaction was taken and first posted online back in 2013.

However, folks on social media immortalized the facial expression of the then two-year-old girl by making it an iconic meme, as per FirstPost.

 'Side-Eyeing Chloe' Meme NFT 

Now, the viral meme of the young girl has been sold as a non-fungible token or NFT.

The NFT auction was initiated by none other than the family of Chloe themselves, which kicked off last Sept 23 with a $15,000 bid price.

The NFT of "Side-Eyeing Chloe" gives its new owner a digital copy of the original image. On top of that, the buyer will also get a certificate of ownership of the token.

BBC reported that the popular online meme's original image was sold for a total of 25 Etheruem, the cryptocurrency used to buy NFTs.

The buyer of the "Side-Eyeing Chloe" NFT is a music production firm in Dubai that goes by the name 3F Music.

It is worth noting that 3F Music has been on a buying spree of viral NFT memes, including the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" NFT and the "Charlie Bit My Finger" NFT.

 'Side-Eyeing Chloe' Meme

According to LadBible, seven years have passed already since the image of the younger Chloe was taken by her mother.

To be precise, her mother filmed the facial expression of the two-year-old girl way back in September 2013.

The viral reaction of the little girl came from a video recording of her mother as the latter was surprising her two daughters about a getaway to Disneyland.

After the mother of Chloe revealed that they were going on a trip to the Disney theme park, the older sister of the two-year-old girl burst into tears.

However, what caught the attention of people was not the innocent tears of her sibling. Instead, the seemingly unimpressed response of Chloe while she looks at her sister crying became a viral hit, which social media folks are still using today as a meme.

With that, the original clip of the surprise trip revelation on YouTube has already achieved over a whopping 20 million views.

On the other hand, although the viral side-eyeing expression meme has no actual tally of usage, it has been seen on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Reddit.

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Chloe in the Present

The star of the $75,000 worth NFT has grown up to become a 10-year-old lady with more than 500,000 Instagram followers.

Not just that, Chloe has been riding the fame of her viral facial response by running her own merch line, which features the meme from hoodies to water bottles.

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