Elon Musk has gone to Twitter and addressed several key happenings at Tesla, particularly as to how AMD has "been great to work with" amidst this global chip shortage. On the other hand, the clean energy company also shows a promising return of investment capital (ROI-C) for its investors, something which Musk said would keep on rising.

Things are looking good for Tesla, and this is amidst the rolling out of its Full-Self Driving beta version 10 and succeeding ones as they present the button for its release and the better features. The EV manufacturer is also looking into more ventures by investing assets more to its China production as it delivers promising builds of its cars.

Elon Musk: Chip Shortage with AMD

The global chip shortage is a massive problem, but recently, AMD and its CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, have been addressing the return and recovery of the industry to deliver on the needs of tech and other ventures. That being said, despite Tesla having their chips and making those in their factory, CEO Elon Musk commends AMD.

According to the tech billionaire, AMD "has been great to work with", and this only shows that Musk is backing up the company with regards to their career track and record. It is known that while AMD is not the main source of chips for Tesla, the clean energy company is still sourcing some from them, especially for its infotainment system.

As such, while Tesla is not that affected by the global chip shortage, it still somehow relies on chip companies that cannot fully deliver during these times. Still, the multi-CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and more, has commended the performance of AMD, as well as working together with them and having a good intercompany relationship.

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Tesla ROI to Keep Rising Says Musk

On the other hand, Tesla fans have discussed the numbers of Tesla with regards to the company's Return of Investment Capital (ROI-C), especially during these times. For others, they may be facing a hard time, a downward trend, or a slow and stagnant rise within themselves and their investors. However, the narrative is different for Tesla, as it shows that the company is on the rise during this time. The trend shows how massive Tesla is now, as a company, and how it would continue to improve on its own. Tesla's improvement means more ROI to users, and it brings great news to investors of the company.

Musk said that this would continue to improve and give more to investors but says that there are no guarantees.

Tesla's 2021 Performance

Tesla's 2021 performance is massive, and it brings a better career track for the company in terms of how the public will see them, as well as for investors. This only shows that they have been doing good for several years now, and it is not solely because of its EVs but also its efforts in building a clean energy society for the country and the world.

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