Amazon has launched Alexa Together, which aims to help caregivers remotely monitor aging loved ones. 

The subscription service will be released later this year and will only be available in the United States when released. 

An Echo device is needed to use the Alexa Together subscription service. 

Amazon Launches Alexa Together

Alexa Together Subscription Service for the Elderly
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Amazon has launched a subscription service that will help caregivers remotely monitor and help out aging users using the Alexa virtual assistant technology. The subscription service is called Alexa Together and will be released sometime this year. 

Those who would like to avail of the subscription service must have an Amazon Echo device. According to the Amazon website, those who sign up early will get six months of free service. For a limited time only, Alexa Together will cost $19.99 per month or $199 annually after the free trial expires. 

Per a report by MobiHealthNews, Alexa Together "allows multiple family members or caregivers to check in on an aging loved one." Alexa Together also builds on the features of the Amazon Care Hub, which was launched last year. 

What Can Alexa Together Do? 

According to the Amazon website, Alexa Together allows family members or caregivers to "set up daily alerts for your loved one's first Alexa use, or if it isn't used by a certain time."

Here are some of the features and functions of Alexa Together:

  • Customized alerts and activity feed - Loved ones can get an idea of what the user is doing via the customized alerts that can be set using Alexa Together. 

  • Circle of support - Other friends and family members can be added to the circle of support to help assist and monitor the user. The feature is set to release next year. 

  • 24/7 Urgent Response - the hands-free Urgent Response service is ready to help the user should assistance be needed. The user simply needs to say, "Alexa, call for help."

  • Remote Assist - When activated, Remote Assist can help manage shopping lists, set reminders for the user, and even manage the Echo device being used for the subscription service. 

  • Fall detection response - If a compatible fall detection device detects a fall, Alexa Together can connect to Urgent Response should the user wish it to do so. 

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Amazon Care Hub

The Amazon Care Hub, which was launched in November 2020, is a "free feature that will enable you to look out for your aging loved ones, even from a distance," according to a separate post on the Amazon website.  

The Care Hub can be accessed via the Alexa app itself. A connection between two Alexa accounts is also needed to be able to use the features of the Amazon Care Hub. You do not have to pay an additional fee to enable the feature. 

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