Neiman Marcus Luxury Group Alerts 4.6M Users of Possible Breach | Approx. 3.1M Payment and Virtual Gift Cards 'Affected'
(Photo : Image from Neiman Marcus Luxury Group Alerts 4.6M Users of Possible Breach | Approx. 3.1M Payment and Virtual Gift Cards 'Affected'

Neiman Marcus, the known Luxury Group, is now alerting millions of its customers that their online accounts could have been breached. There are now approximately 3.1 million payment and virtual gift cards that could be affected.

Neiman Marcus Alerts 4.6 Million Customers

According to the official news release by Neiman Marcus, the company reportedly notified a whopping 4.6 million customers that certain information that was associated with their online accounts could have been obtained by a third party all the way back in 2020. Neiman Marcus then revealed that information was included in this breach.

According to Neiman Marcus, this information reportedly includes contact details, gift card numbers, payment card numbers, and usernames and passwords. Out of the 4.6 million customers who could have been affected, it was noted that approximately 3.1 million payment and virtual gift cards were affected.

Neiman Marcus Announces Company's Top Priority

It was noted that over 85% of which are actually expired or even invalid. This was reportedly according to the news release. Neiman Marcus has already informed law enforcement and is currently working along with cybersecurity firm Mandiant in order to investigate this particular situation.

Geoffroy van Raemdonck noted that at Neiman Marcus Group, customers remain the company's top priority. Geoffroy van Raemdonck is reportedly working as the company's chief executive officer and gave this statement in a news release.

According to the story by CNN, it was noted that they are now working hard in order to support their customers and also answer certain questions regarding online accounts. They also state that they will continue to take actions in order to enhance their system security as well as safeguard information.

The company also reportedly noted that it has no evidence that its own subsidiaries Bergdorf Goodman or Horchow, were actually affected. Corporations remain a major target for hackers. In June of 2021, at least four major companies that include McDonald's and Volkswagen were reportedly hit with cyberattacks.

Hackers Attack Big Companies

In May 2021, a certain ransomware attack actually forced a six-day shutdown of the official Colonial Pipeline. This was reportedly a key East Coastline that actually delivers gas to millions of people in need.

Days later, yet another hack occurred as the popular food processor JBS USA also suffered from a whole cyber attack. This reportedly affected servers that were even supporting its very own IT systems.

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Apple and Microsoft Exchange

Even the biggest of companies like Apple are also no exemption. In fact, the company was previously hacked in 2018 by an unexpected individual. Apple was hacked by a teenager that was able to hack the company through placing 90GB of secure files in a certain folder that was named hacky hack hack.

Aside from just Apple, even Microsoft Exchange has suffered from hacks as well. Just recently, a new ransomware gang was able to hack Microsoft Exchange servers through the use of ProxyShells vulnerabilities.

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