For some iPhone 13 users, the newest iOS 15 has only received slight improvements compared to its predecessor, iOS 14. 

The latest Apple operating system has interesting features that are waiting to be discovered. It will take some time before you realize that these highlights are what make it a one-of-kind OS.

If you are an iPhone 13 owner, specifically with the Pro variant, you can check these features in your smartphone.

iOS 15 Features You Shouldn't Miss to Use 

Best iOS 15 Features That iPhone 13 Users Should Test Right Now
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By now, you should know the best features in iOS for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 users. Here are they.

Focus Mode

iPhone 13 users can access this feature by heading to the settings. From there, you can stay uninterrupted while doing a certain task, such as gaming.

It's a matter of option if you will use Focus Mode for work or personal purposes. Either way, this iOS 15 feature also allows users to customize their home screens on focus time.

Keyboard Turns to Trackpad

According to Pocket-Lint, the iOS 15 offers an interesting mode for your keyboard. To easily move the cursor, your iPhone keyboard could become an instant trackpad.

Live Text

iPhone 13 has special cameras that have a unique ability to interpret real-time texts. To enable Live Test from your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, begin by accessing the messaging app. After that, click the text field twice and the nearby icon.

Apple's Safari Browser 

There is an unusual capability that is present in iOS 15-supported smartphones. You can now revert your current Safari version to the old one.

To switch in this mode, go to the settings and click Safari. Upon seeing two icons on the tab, choose "Single tab" and open the browser again.

Anti-app Tracking Service

Some tech companies can track user's progress and data through an app. When you download the application, they could trace your activity to release more ads upon usage.

Apple's iOS 15 serves as a wonder guard for suspicious apps. For iPhone 13 users who want to boost their security, head to the settings and search for "Privacy."

After that, click "Tracking," and you can now have the option to allow the apps to track you.

AirPods Pro ANC Siri Control

Last time, we reported that some iOS 15 users experienced problems with AirPods Pro. There seems to be an error in Siri's Active Noise Cancellation.

Meanwhile, you can speak notifications on the wearables. To do that, go to settings and look for Siri and Search. Click the "Announce Notifications," and there you go.

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Refresh Rates 

Through iPhone 13 Pro's ProMotion Display, the app developers will gain an advantage in the 120Hz refresh rates.

To access this, first, go to settings and tap Accessibility. Access the Motion later. You can now limit the frame rate.

App Privacy Report 

Mashable reported back in July that iOS 15 users can access the App Privacy Report. This will help you recognize the particular applications that are gaining control of your information.

Other notable features for iPhone 13 users include the Scheduled Summary feature, HDR video recording, screenshot live text, Photographic Styles, and more.

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