"How to Buy a Tesla EV Online" may be thought of or uttered by a person out loud when thinking of switching to an electric vehicle, as it confuses some of the processes and procedures. However, worry not, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk assures the public that it is an effortless way of ordering, especially via its online store where they can checkout an EV immediately.

How to Buy a Tesla EV Online

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The first question that would pop up on one's head would be "how to do it?" especially as some are hesitant to switch to clean energy vehicles or go electric during these times.

Sometimes, all people need is the right push, as well as the proper guidance on how to do it; they need their choices confirmed, as well as their questions addressed. 

Search for Reviews and Know Your Preferred Variant

First, users can go to YouTube and search for a review of Tesla, where they can get an overview of the vehicle from content creators. Here, they can watch notable comparison videos that line it up against competitors like Audi, GM, Lordstown, Rivian, Volkswagen, and more.

Go to Tesla's Website and Order Your Car

It is important that people already have a model or vehicle in mind for this, especially among Tesla's wide variety of cars that make up its lineup.

Next, users can browse the website and make a "custom order" of the electric vehicle, which they have already selected, fitting it to their needs and wants. Potential EV drivers can also select pre-made variants, also known as "stock" cars.

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Continuing to payment directs one to selecting which how they would pay for their Tesla, either cash or card, lease, or a loan, which users can do in-house at the company. In the cash and card option, they can pay via Apple Pay, Debit Card, and Credit Card, where they would be charged with a $250 non-refundable fee.

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Select the delivery option, which can either be a pickup or delivery (recommended). Users can already see the "expected" availability or release date of their vehicle above the page.

After completing these details, users will be then asked to check out and prompt for the confirmation of their vehicle, something which can be done easily.

Elon Musk: 'Effortless' is the Key

The Tesla CEO and company were commended online by a fan and said that purchasing their first EV was a breeze as it only took minutes. It did not need to evaluate their background and other requirements for a chance at an electric vehicle.

Musk said that buying a Tesla car is easy and that the company's goal is to be effortless with regards to orders and checking out products from its online store.

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