Microsoft Edge will soon allow the users to type text through voice typing. The Redmond firm also unveiled many software updates following the recent arrival of Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge Now Includes Voice Typing Support

Microsoft Edge Brings Voice Typing Support, MS Editor on Windows 11
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You can now type using your voice through the latest update from Microsoft Edge. Here's how it works on Windows 11.

From the Microsoft Edge 96.0.1032.0 Dev channel release on Tuesday, Oct. 5, the company detailed the important updates that include voice typing and Microsoft Editor.

Using the voice typing feature would let the users write a character using their voice on the newest operating system. It was made possible through the Microsoft Azure Speech services, which are responsible for the previous updates done on the older Windows version. 

To enable the voice typing command, you need to have a functional mic and stable internet. From your keyboard, you can tap the Windows logo key together with the letter H. Alternatively, you can also click the microphone key, which can be found beside the keyboard's spacebar.

The system will first listen to the audio. There will be a "Listening" alert that will alert you before you utter a word. So far, the feature is applicable for several languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and a lot more.

What About the Microsoft Editor on Windows 11?

From a report by TechRadar, another feature called Microsoft Editor was launched along with voice typing capability. The tool acts as a spelling and grammar checker on Microsoft Edge.

The MS Editor is perfect for those who are doing their digital writing works online. This is suited for those who are currently writing their theses, journals, and other articles.

At the moment, you can download the editing tool on the official Dev channel of Microsoft. So much for that, we are expecting that more updates would come soon for Windows 11.

Earlier this month, Google introduced the voice typing feature to the Docs app. The search engine titan said that this option would make it easier for you to type without using your hands.

To enable this, you can first go to the Google Docs app through Chrome. Next, choose the "Tools" section from the toolbar. Tap the "Voice Typing" option or press the "command+shift+S" shortcut. After that, wait for the mic logo to appear before you speak. It should pop out on the left side of the Docs app. Click the icon and begin speaking a word. Make sure that you are in a silent environment.

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Microsoft Edge Arrives on Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

Last September, the Chromium-based Edge was reportedly coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This advanced browsing experience will help the gamers enjoy several features such as the capability to access Google Stadia apps.

Aside from gaming perks, you can also incorporate the Edge browser into your computer accessories. You can use MS apps such as Microsoft Excel and Word to name a few.

However, the lone problem with the Xbox Edge support was the lack of microphone support. 

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