Twitter is testing a new feature where it would help people have a "Heads Up" whenever reading a conversation that has seemingly reached its climax or peak of the argument. The short word social media says is to protect the mental health of people and veer them away from online toxicity where it is possible, even on little things.

Last September, a Twitter feature was under works from the company, and its concept was already unveiled online, aiming to limit the replies to one's tweet, or have it filtered. 

Twitter's Heads Up on Out-of-Control, Toxic Conversations

Twitter Support has released an introduction to a new feature, and it would let users know the "vibe" of the conversation, judge it, and tell newcomers or readers that it is "heated" or "getting out of control." Yes, that is right. Twitter is giving people a heads up on out-of-control and toxic conversations that would not be worth their energy.

Think of it this way, Twitter would be like a friend or advisor to you, especially if the conversation is getting out of hand, and all that people are doing is quarreling or resorting to ad hominem antics.

Yes, not everything found online is good and worth your energy. Sometimes, they are downright immature and toxic, which does not care about a person's well-being or mental health. May it be debates over a national issue or phenomenon, down to the best type of coffee you can order in a coffee shop, it would give you a heads up.

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With this, users can move away from extra toxicity and have "peace of mind" on the social media platform.

Twitter Says it Cares About Your Mental Health

Twitter said that it is testing it now and is not quite ready for a release, as they are weighing the metrics and what is to be considered the "generally good" with regards to topics and conversations.

With the early test, the social media can be known which conversations it can consider that is "getting out of hand" or bordering on toxicity.

Mental Health and Social Media

Facebook already has its whistleblown by Frances Haugen for prioritizing the profits of the social media company over the safety of its users with regard to their data and information. This also comes with the notion that Instagram was deemed toxic or unsafe to people, with Facebook covering up or hiding the story.

That being said, Twitter's way to improve its system is a different approach with regards to mental health and giving people a lighter and more welcoming experience to its social media.

Also, Twitter borders heavily on text, and it could get out of hand immediately, as people try and be the reasonable one amongst the two, hence it bordering on online toxic behaviors.

Now, Twitter is aiming to change the status quo, especially as it focuses on giving people a "healthier" experience as they browse social media.

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