Valve has recently released a "teardown" video of the Steam Deck, and here it demonstrates that users should not "DIY" or open it up themselves, as it can get tricky and confusing.

Yes, Valve has created a video about tearing it down and know the components inside but is advising against it and downright warning people not to do it.

Valve Advises Against Steam Deck DIY with Teardown Video

Valve's official teardown video of the Steam Deck is a DIY clip that demonstrates how to go inside of the portable console and the components it has internally. This also shows if some components are replaceable or can be swapped for an upgrade, as what interested parties would like to know for the console.

However, as Valve said initially in the video and referred to as a "spoiler," it is not advisable for people to be DIY-ing the console as there are components that may be damaged. Moreover, it said that the console's internals is more complicated than a "yes or no" with regards to it having it tweaked.

Nevertheless, this video shows what people can expect from the inside look. It also shows people about the Li-On battery, which can be easily found in the early part of the teardown.

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The Valve Steam Deck

The Valve Steam Deck stays as one of the most commendable consoles now, and it is available online for people to enjoy. However, it is important to note that the Steam Deck still needs a reservation, something which people should have accomplished before buying one, or else they would not get it.

Valve Steam deck closeup
(Photo : Steam Deck website )

The Steam Deck promises a massive gaming performance that people cannot expect from a handheld console, as it brings insane graphics and a flow that other consoles cannot deliver.

Steam Deck DIY: Not Something You Should Do

There are a lot of hacks and teardowns people can find on the internet, and it would give them a chance to have a guide whenever they do it themselves, on their devices. One great example is the DIY Nintendo Switch for only $199, which aims to bring the console to those who do not have the budget for it but is not advisable.

On the other hand, a popular YouTuber called iFixIt of the iPhones and other Apple products are always the subject of teardowns, explaining to people how to fix certain components of the device. Also, iFixit is known for showing people what is inside of their Apple device, especially on new devices that people have limited knowledge too.

That being said, Valve has already taken matters into their hands, something which they have decided to do and demonstrate to people so that they know the ins and outs, as well as ways inside the Steam Deck.

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