California is set to ban gas-powered outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers and leaf blowers by 2022, and it is part of the state's clean energy campaign and pledge to the environment. It was said that using this equipment is as much as driving a car, with some being more wasteful or pollutant compared to a traditional vehicle. 

The Golden State of California and its different governors have taken on the signing of several bills and campaigns of protecting the environment, and it is all focused on a goal. The goal is to reduce the pollution and waste it adds to the world, particularly the greenhouse gases that have been contributing to the climate's decline in the past years.

California: No More Gas-Powered Equipment by 2022

California Bans Lawnmowers
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California's Assembly Bill 1346 is here, and it was recently signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, which would add an "act" to the existing "Section 43018.11" of the Health and Safety Code. The focus of this act is to reduce air pollution or contribute less pollution to the environment, as part of the ongoing problem of the world. 

The bill is set to take effect in the next year, 2022, focusing more on gas-powered equipment or machinery that pollutes and is harmful to the environment for its every use. The main focus of this is the use of outdoor lawnmowers and leaf blowers which are known to be gas-powered and have combustion of fire and fuel inside.

This means that the outdoor equipment is capable of adding pollution to the air, as well as toxic fumes for both human health and the ecosystem.

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Why are Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers Included?

As regarded by the California Air Resources Board, the main focus of this new bill is to limit and prohibit the use of Lawn Mowers and Leaf Blowers that use gas engines to function. The board says that an hour's use of lawnmowers is equivalent to a 300-mile trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. 

On the other hand, the board has also shared how much a leaf blower does, and an hour's use of it is equivalent to a 1,100-mile drive, and it is massive. The distance covered is like going cross-country, and it is a lot for just an hour of the outdoor cleaning equipment that has been used for decades now. 

California's Environment Pledge

California's pledge to the environment does not stop at cars alone, and it is because there are plenty of other pollutants in the world aside from gas-powered vehicles. It is known that the Earth's ecosystem has already taken quite a massive amount of damage, and it is what we are facing now.

Either a human preserves and helps the environment recover now, or have the future be clouded with threats against life and overall existence. The planet has already suffered a lot in the past, and these pledges to become carbon-neutral or reduce pollution are massive steps against avoiding future tragedies and the end of life as we know it. 

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